20 Killer Image Sliders & Carousels

Whenever I am developing a new website or WordPress theme, I try and look for new kind of content sliders and carousel scripts (that can scroll images & HTML content). Over a period of time, I have bookmarked some efficient sliders that can also be easily integrated into WordPress if you have the skills. I am sure these will be helpful to both moderate and advanced developers alike. Here is the list :-

1. Sproing!

This is a lively script that make your images grow in size whenever someone hovers their cursor over the thumbnails.

2. Easy Slider JQuery Plugin

An easily configurable content slider plugin for JQuery that supports both horizontal and vertical scrolling. I have used this for my last Premium theme – Freedom.

3. Floom

This is the prettiest of them all! It uses Mootools to beautifully transition between images and overall a very cutting-edge image slider.

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Premium WordPress Theme – Freedom

I’m very happy to announce my new Premium WordPress Theme called “Freedom”.

Freedom Premium Theme

This is a one of its kind Premium WordPress theme that comes with a revolutionary “Theme Maker” (Also known as a Color Scheme Generator). This allows you to create your own color schemes using three basic colors (primary, secondary & tertiary).

If you have observed carefully, most well-designed websites comprise of 3 major colors that define the total look of the website. You can choose your own colors or just choose from 24 ready-made color schemes provided in the theme options panel. So basically, this theme redefines the concept of theme making and gives you the freedom (pun intended) to make your own color schemes!

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Embed Article Plugin

Embed Article has come up with a creative way to eliminate the negative side effects that arise from someone copying your content and pasting it onto their own blog. And with the recent launch of their WordPress Plugin, it’s now even easier for WordPress users to integrate their free technology.

Let’s start by painting a dirty picture that the majority of bloggers have dealt with. You spend a great deal of time and energy researching, writing, editing, thinking, developing, rewriting, and finally publishing a quality post on your blog for your readers to enjoy. Turns out, they love it! They love it so much that a few of them copy your post or parts of it, and publish it on their own blog. That’s very flattering, however, now your well written post is out there multiple times, competing against itself in search traffic and earning you zero ad revenue on this 3rd party blog. Bummer, right? The link back they gave you is great, but if only there was another way you could allow the sharing of your content without dealing with these negative side effects…

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Best Practices for Mobile Optimization of your Blog

Is your website mobile ready?

Over the past few years, mobile Internet consumption has increased at an exponential rate.  A good portion of this can be attributed to the success of smart phone devices like Google’s Android platform, Apple’s iPhone, RIM’s Blackberry, and of course Windows mobile phones.

When phones first became Internet capable, it was common for developers to enable their web pages to work with the WAP browsers. Current smart phones are much more powerful, the browsers work with standards in-line with their larger computer brethren. This has led many developers feel that there is no need to create versions of their websites that work with WAP browsers.

While that may be true, some provisions  should be made to insure that your users will have quick access to your content using the slower Internet connections provided by their phones. Below i have outlined a few tips to make sure your website will satisfy your visitors on their mobile devices.

Create a Mobile Sub-Domain

Creating a mobile version of your website begins with creating a sub-domain of your current site. Most users have become accustomed to appending “m” or “mobile” so that your URL reads or After creating a sub-domain, you have the choice in how you want your mobile site to work. Either it can be a mirror of your main sites content with a custom CSS file made for mobile browsers or you can choose to make an independent site that has its own content that you feel would benefit mobile users.
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WordPress Mobile Theme

Mobile theme for WordPress

I feel glad to introduce a free WordPress theme for the Mobile Phones. This is a minimalistic theme that can be used by bloggers who want to target mobile phone users. This theme will fit perfectly in all the mobile phones (any resolution) and because of its light weight, will also reduce loading times. The three key features that I have included with this theme are:-

1. You can choose your own theme color from the theme options. (any color you want for your theme is just a click away)
2. You can define your own width for your theme. The theme can have 100% width if you want the theme to fit on every mobile phone, or you can define a fixed width in pixels to target special users.
3. The front page will dynamically create thumbnails for your posts.
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