Free WordPress Theme – Avante

Its been a very long time that I released any free theme on Blog Oh! Blog. On the eve of Christmas and the approaching New Year, I am glad to launch our very new Free WordPress Theme – Avante. The theme has a modern design, nifty photo effects, sleek typography and suitable to use for any kind of website. It comes with a pre-configured home page enabled to pull posts from six different categories.

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Unveiling the Importance of Guest Blogging in WordPress


Today, a huge majority of business professionals have started choosing WordPress blogging for promoting their products and services. It’s not difficult to find a WordPress blogging site that’s being used by an entrepreneur for gathering the attention of potential readers/customers. There are tons and tons of blogs being posted on WordPress sites on a regular basis. These posts talk about the quality and performance of products and services delivered by the respective business organization. Guest blogging is considered one of the most crucial aspects related to WordPress blogging. Through this blog, I’ll be highlighting the role played by Guest Blogging in empowering the reputation of a business enterprise.

What is Guest Blogging?

Writing blogs/articles for a website that doesn’t require any registration is termed as Guest Blogging. You can write blogs/articles on a topic that’s related to the website theme. Guest article/blog offers you the opportunity of strengthening your personal brand in the right fashion. Guest blogging allows you to build strong relationships with A-List bloggers from all over the world. In addition to this, writing a guest blog also entails sharing valuable content with readers.

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Elegant Themes Giveaway – 3 Lifetime Memberships worth $249

Giveaway Over! Winners are :- “e Lee”, “Leo” and “icreative”. Please send in your e-mail address to me.


Today, will be launching their brand new, much anticipated WordPress theme – Divi. According to this Sneak Peak Post, they claim Divi to be the most powerful WordPress theme ever created by Elegant Themes. Their team has been working hard on the development of this theme and has integrated many robust features that will make Divi their flagship product. To celebrate this launch, they are giving away three Lifetime Memberships worth $249 to their WordPress themes club.

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Quick Tips to Strengthen Work Relations with WordPress Developers


I’m sure everyone of us wants to have good relationships with people around us. Well, the same opinion holds true for WordPress development as well. Once you’ve chosen to work with WordPress developers, it’s absolutely essential for you to develop a healthy work relation with them. There should be a mutual understanding between you and the developer. This becomes even more important under cases where there’s no face-to-face interaction between the two of you. Developer who’s working on your project must be well familiar with everything that you expect from the final product. He/she must be capable of transforming your ideas into reality. In other words, your WordPress specialist must be able to get the vibe of your soul and feel the same amount of passion that you possess in taking your business towards the next level of success.

Why maintaining a strong relationship with your WordPress developer is important?

If you’ve decided to work with a WordPress developer then it becomes important to ascertain that there’s a well-maintained work relationship. It’s always recommended to take every possible measure to ensure that you and your WordPress coder are comfortable working with each other. There shouldn’t be any trace of miscommunication between both of you. Those of you who aren’t quite sure as to what all needs to be done to strengthen this work relation, here are some tips you’ll love to follow:-

Tip #1- Be specific about your WordPress project requirements

There’s no need for beating around the bush when it comes to conveying your project requirements to the shortlisted WordPress expert. You should ensure to convey each and every detail that’s crucial for the successful completion of the WordPress development project.

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WordPress Migration Made Simple


CMS platform is a kind of vehicle for your website. As a starter, you might have selected the one that looked good back then, but now as you get a deeper understanding of the whole thing, you realize it is not quite what you need. This is the first sign of a looming migration. WordPress is a perfect candidate for a new CMS, but you may find yourself asking the key question now…

How to migrate existing website data to the new CMS and keep all the content?

You’re definitely not the only one willing to make the move and folks have already invented lots of ways to ease this task. If we look at the evolution of migration ways from the beginning of times perspective, here’s what we’ll get:

  • Stone Age : Copy-paste, both time consuming and tedious process.
  • Middle Ages : Custom scripting, requires programming skills to be carried out successfully.
  • XIX century: Import-export plugins, aren’t always available for certain platforms or work out not as expected.
  • Modern times: Automated online migration.

So, there’s a wide selection of means to become a WordPresser. Among them, automated migration definitely looks great specifically for a blogger. It makes switching to a new platform quite attainable and frees you from spending either days fumbling with code or great sums paying to a freelancer who does this job for you. Plus, you can focus on blogging itself instead of plunging headlong into technical stuff.

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