How Close is Rank # 1?

I checked my Technorati Ranking and was amazed to see at Rank 12. I would say a world record has been broken for the fastest climb on Technorati rankings!!

Technorati Rank


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WordPress Theme – Atlantia

All hands on the deck!! Here comes Atlantia, our new WordPress theme! A simplistic, two-column, Widget ready, Web 2.0 theme for WordPress users. The theme comes with eye-catching striped background and a stylish header. Hope all of you like it and DIGG it!!

Atlantia - WP Theme

Test Run | Download

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The Next Level!

Good news guys! has gained a rank of 31,459 on Alexa. So, finally this blog is moving to the next level. Hip Hip Hurray!!

Alexa Rank

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Blogging Money!

Blogging Money!

Not earning enough to quit your day job?
Saving money for your next vacation?
Bills going through the roof and looking for some extra money?
Want to buy that new computer gadget that you have your eyes on?

Well, let me share some solid techniques to make money from your blog. These are not some run-of-the-mill techniques that every other blogger preaches about. Rather these are my personally tested and tried methods for a full time income. Bear in mind that we’re after measurable and quantifiable results. The competition is very stiff so every advantage you can get is vital. Blogging, just like any business/job, is one huge poker game where you have to put in something (quality content) to win big (revenue). And ya.. don’t leave your job yet :)

1. Get Sponsors for your Blog

Once your blog starts getting traffic, try and contact private companies that are operating in your niche area and get them to sponsor your blog. Even if its for a small amount, it adds up to your blog earnings. Gradually, when your blog ranks higher on the search engines, there are chances of getting better and high-paying sponsors. Try and provide all the details about your blog like traffic stats, search engine rankings, specialization area, unique visitors and keyword popularity. Also mention how your blog will help them in promoting their brand products. Do not get disheartened if you fail to get sponsors for the first time. Keep trying and make targets for yourself.

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WordPress Theme – Wicked Lemon

All right people! Give a warm hand to our brand new WordPress Theme – Wicked Lemon!! Excited yet ??

Guess what…Wicked Lemon comes with not one but two cool effects! First is the Docking sidebar. You can click and drag the different sidebar items and dock them anywhere on the sidebar. The second effect is the coolest one to checkout. How many times do you find yourself switching and modifying the color patterns to suit your mood? Yes, we present you with the CSS Style Switcher inbuilt in the theme. There are four color themes for you to choose from and if you don’t like any of them, just create your own :)

Wordpress Theme - Wicked Lemon

Test Run | Download

This time, don’t forget to DIGG this theme… and yeah.. I am speaking to all of you :)

So, this time you have all the reasons to stick with the Wicked Lemon for a long time and be EVIL (even if you are a saint!)

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