Adding Extra Sidebar to your WordPress Theme

Oh!You like a WordPress theme on the Internet but Oh!… What’s this?? The theme has only one sidebar! You need more than one and are on the verge of switching to some other theme with more sidebars. But wait!! Let me teach you how to add an extra sidebar or sidebars to your favorite theme. People who know PHP will find it easy to follow but even novices can easily do it using the code that I have provided in this tutorial. I am assuming that you already know HTML and a bit of CSS.

Working Hard!To begin the tutorial, extract your theme into a folder and open it to see all the files. If your theme has only one sidebar, then most probably you will NOT find a file called functions.php in your theme folder. In that case you will have to create this file yourself. Just open notepad or any other code editor to start a new file. Put this code into that file :-

<?php if ( function_exists('register_sidebars') )

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Picture Contest – Earn Instant $10!

Just to kill time, I made this photograph merging two Hollywood actors’ faces. The faces have been morphed using Fireworks and the old picture effect was created by Nero Photosnap software. The first one to guess both of their names gets $10 in their Paypal! Hurry up! (Post in the comments). You get only one chance for guessing, so make your guess carefully!

  • Contest is Closed. Winner : Will 

Note : We are going to hold a picture contest every week :)

Photo Contest

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How Close is Rank # 1?

I checked my Technorati Ranking and was amazed to see at Rank 12. I would say a world record has been broken for the fastest climb on Technorati rankings!!

Technorati Rank


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WordPress Theme – Atlantia

All hands on the deck!! Here comes Atlantia, our new WordPress theme! A simplistic, two-column, Widget ready, Web 2.0 theme for WordPress users. The theme comes with eye-catching striped background and a stylish header. Hope all of you like it and DIGG it!!

Atlantia - WP Theme

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The Next Level!

Good news guys! has gained a rank of 31,459 on Alexa. So, finally this blog is moving to the next level. Hip Hip Hurray!!

Alexa Rank

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