WordPress Theme – Limau Orange

Wordpress Theme - Limau Orange

Limau Orange is a 3-column and Widget-ready theme. Main content with 510px size, 200px for a left sidebar and 170px for a right sidebar. Simple theme and suitable for any blog content. Any request? just put your shout into my comment box.

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* Update How to change the logo text?. Open the images folder and find a logo.psd.

Update * – 2007-08-29 Minor bug fixed

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Optimize and Format Your CSS

Why optimize? Your CSS code will be faster loading pages and lower traffic costs. So both you and your visitors benefit from an optimization.

How to Optimize and format your CSS? Please get a CSSTidy. You need to download and running it on your web server. Take time guy, but knowledge is power. Try it.

I need in live version! Where? Go to CSStidy.

How To Use? Copy and paste your CSS code into the CSS Input or point your CSS url and click on Process CSS button and see the output. :)

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WordPress Theme – Olive Green

Wordpress Theme - Olive Green

Olive Green is a lightweight theme. With single column, simple, clean and suitable for personal blog. Index content i replaced to rss text and fix for 50 word only. Don’t like eh? open the index.php file and find to

php the_content_rss('', TRUE, '', 50);
and change it to be
the_content('Read more..');

Try to use it and you make me happy. Haha, huhu, hehe.

Local View Test Run | Download

Themes.Wordpress.Net Theme Info | Test Run | Download

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Reviewback Is a Free Blog Review

Reviewback Is a Free Blog Review

Why Reviewback?

  • It’s 100% free. No payments. Ever.
  • Increase your traffic. Blog reviews increase your exposure and open your site up to new, targeted audiences.
  • Improve your search engine rankings. Link backs and reviews are essentials for SEO purposes and vital to increasing your rankings.
  • Registration and setup is a snap. Our service is completely user-friendly.

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Adgridwork Free Advertising Network

Adgridwork Free Advertising Network

What do they do? Adgridwork is a novel concept where anyone can get free publicity and more traffic to their websites at no cost.

Why use Adgridwork to advertise your website?

  • It
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