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This is a total solution for backing up your WordPress blog and data. It also allows you to store your backups in various locations like FTP server, Dropbox, Google Storage etc.

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Vertical Accordion Menu Plugin

This plugin allows you to easily create multiple jquery vertical accordion menus using the custom menus function, available in WordPress 3.0. The accordion menu can handle any number of sub-menus and features include the option to select either “hover” or “click” to activate the menu, add a count showing the number of links under each menu item & auto-expand menu based on the current page.

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Contact Form with a Meeting Scheduler

vCita offers an easier way for your visitors to approach you, ask for advice and schedule time to talk over video or phone. vCita is not just a contact form – it is an all-in-one solution for contact requests, scheduling, video meetings, phone conferencing and payments processing.

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10 Free WordPress Themes for August 2011

I am glad to present a set of 10 free WordPress themes for the month of August 2011. I hope you like them!



Download Fungus WordPress Theme



Download PressWork WordPress Theme



Download JournalCrunch WordPress Theme

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WordPress Theme – Jazz

After a long wait, I am releasing a free WordPress Theme called  Jazz.

Jazz WordPress Theme

This is a minimalistic blue-colored theme with widgetized sidebars, dropdown menus and ad sections. The home page shows the latest post with a short excerpt, and all the other posts on the homepage have been uniquely designed to show a black layer with post title and date, which upon hovering, reveals the image beneath it. This is done through jQuery. The theme contains three ad sections which can be configured through the header.php and sidebar.php files.

Jazz WordPress theme comes with integrated menu system that can be configured under wp-admin -> appearance -> menus.
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Where Have I Been for so Long?

You must be wondering why there are no posts or free wordpress themes for so long… :( Well, to tell you all the truth, I have been busy learning some game development and 3d modelling. :) But now I am back and will be releasing a free WordPress theme soon. For now, let me show you a demo of a RPG (role playing game), I have started developing :) To reach here, it has taken me around 5-6 months time but I am happy that I have progressed.

This demo is a prototype of how the combat will take place in the game, or you can say its a taste of things to come…

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The World of CSS Frameworks

The world of CSS Frameworks

What exactly is a CSS Framework?

CSS frameworks are just pre-written CSS files which can be applied to your HTML by using the class names defined in the framework. It can be called as a best practice to to define conceptual routine tasks into generic modules that can be reused. For example, all the font syles can be put together in a file called typography.css. Similarly, all the classes related to layout can be put together in another file called layout.css. After modulating the CSS styles, these files can be called within a single CSS file and further integrated into your HTML file.

There are a number of Frameworks you can freely download and use in your projects. To use them, you will need a fair bit of CSS knowledge, some patience and a fair bit of time to get yourself familiar with the layout. The page layout structure is pretty standard across almost all Frameworks. It could be Header -> Main Content -> Sub Content -> Local Nav -> Main Nav -> Footer. The variations on structure goes on and on. If you want, You can make your own structure using the predefined classes in the framework.

Why you should be using CSS frameworks?

The main benefit I think that CSS frameworks have is that they tend to force you to think about how you’re going to organise you code rather than provide you with indispensable tools for your day to day tasks. They are simply a convenience and as such are good for things like wireframing and rapid prototyping. They are probably also a good way to learn CSS layout as well if you can familiarise yourself with the layout code.
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