Review and Saving Coupons for Medifast – A Medical Diet Program


Medifast has been in existence since 1980 and is currently recommended by over 20,000 doctors, according to the program’s website. The diet, developed by William Vitale, a medical doctor himself, is high in protein and nutrients and low in fat, carbs, and calories.

Medifast subscribers can choose from among a number of personalized plans, including those designed specifically for men, women, teens, seniors (70+ years of age), vegetarians, and people suffering from diabetes, gout, celiac disease, or gluten sensitivity.

Participants in the basic 5 & 1 Plan eat six meals a day, five of which they purchase from Medifast, either online, at a Medifast Center, or through a registered Medifast medical doctor. These Medifast-provided meals (over 70 of them to choose from) include eggs, oatmeal, pancakes, soups, chili, stew, hot drinks, fruit drinks, iced teas, bars, puddings, shakes, and “soft serve.”

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Tired of Firefox? – Get Google Chrome!

Chrome vs All

Today I have divorced Firefox once and for all (once upon a time, it used to be my hero browser). I was tired of the various issues (choppy scrolling, slowdown of webpages, bloated memory usage) that I had been facing with Firefox for a long time now. I tried making as many fixes as I could (changing profiles, removing cached files, deleting all the extensions) by searching through the Internet, but nothing helped at all. Over the time, it went from bad to worse. It was a tough decision but it had to be taken. So, Goodbye…..Firefox (Though it still resides on my hard-drive, but I am not going to use it anymore)!!

As a replacement, I downloaded Google Chrome (Ver 10.0) and WOW! Just WOW! It really beats Firefox hands down. The browser installation was a breeze, and, orgasmic feelings took over soon after (BTW, this post is being written using Google Chrome). There was no slowdown at all and the pages were scrolling smoothly (thanks to Google for making such a light-weighted browser).

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WordPress Theme – Nublu

All right guys! I am back again (still alive and kicking). This time, I bring for my lovely readers a brand new WordPress theme called “Nublu“.

Nublu WordPress Theme

This is a sleek blue colored theme that comes with a configurable slider, drop-down menus and Cufon-enabled headlines. The theme also sports a twitter bird that will sing out your latest tweet from your account. Nublu has automatic thumbnail generation, as long as you have a picture uploaded with your post. WordPress 3.0+ menu system is integrated into this theme for easy customization of your navigation menu.

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Premium WordPress Theme – Big News

I feel happy to announce another addition to our Premium WordPress Themes collection called the “Big News”.

Big News - Premium WordPress Theme

This is a theme suitable for any news or information based websites and blogs. It comes with a neat magazine layout that lets you define custom content (helpful in SEO) on the home page from various categories. The theme comes packed with powerful admin features that will enable you to make your website unique and different in every way possible.

The home page is defined into blocks that contain posts from different categories. These categories can be defined through the theme admin options. The image thumbnails are generated automatically and you can also define the number of thumbnails you want in each block.

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How to Integrate Nivo Slider into WordPress

Integrate Nivo Slider with WordPress

I am sure many of you have already heard or read about the sleek NIVO Image Slider built using jQuery and HTML. If you haven’t, you can go to the website and check it out for yourself. The slider allows you to display images and HTML text via 9 unique transition effects.

This slider serves as a static slider using only CSS/HTML and jQuery. Today, I am going to show you how you can integrate this nifty looking slider component into your WordPress theme effectively (a much easier way than what you have already known). Read on!

1. First Steps First

Download the NIVO slider files to your desktop and extract them to a folder. Copy the files called arrows.png, bullets.png and loading.gif from the nivo-slider/demo/images folder and paste them into your WordPress Theme /Images folder.

Now in your WordPress theme, decide an appropriate place where you want the slider to show up. For this particular example, I will be using the WordPress theme – “Twenty Ten (2010)” that comes with a default installation of WordPress (3.0+).

I want my slider to show up on the main page, so I will open up the index.php file for editing.

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