How to Integrate Nivo Slider into WordPress

Integrate Nivo Slider with WordPress

I am sure many of you have already heard or read about the sleek NIVO Image Slider built using jQuery and HTML. If you haven’t, you can go to the website and check it out for yourself. The slider allows you to display images and HTML text via 9 unique transition effects.

This slider serves as a static slider using only CSS/HTML and jQuery. Today, I am going to show you how you can integrate this nifty looking slider component into your WordPress theme effectively (a much easier way than what you have already known). Read on!

1. First Steps First

Download the NIVO slider files to your desktop and extract them to a folder. Copy the files called arrows.png, bullets.png and loading.gif from the nivo-slider/demo/images folder and paste them into your WordPress Theme /Images folder.

Now in your WordPress theme, decide an appropriate place where you want the slider to show up. For this particular example, I will be using the WordPress theme – “Twenty Ten (2010)” that comes with a default installation of WordPress (3.0+).

I want my slider to show up on the main page, so I will open up the index.php file for editing.

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Are you Really Smart?


You have always thought that you were smart. Now is the time to put it to a test. See how you score in this simple quiz. Don’t you cheat or use a pen!

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30 Creative Fish Logos

Fish Logos

Fish logo designs are typically used in two situations.

Situation one: Your product or service is related to fish – for example, you might be a seafood restaurant that sells fish or maybe your business or client is a ‘fish doctor’ (yes they exist – see ‘The Fish Doctor’ logo below).

Situation two: You’ve chosen to include ‘fish’ in your business name or brand because ‘fish’ symbolizes something – for example, you might be a sport team and you chose a shark as your mascot (to position team as tough and aggressive) or you might run a fashion label that supports sustainable seafood (see the Fashionfish logo design below). In many cultures the fish symbolizes knowledge, prosperity and luck – so using a fish as part of your brand brings positive connotations.

Check out the following logos for the many ways that fish can be represented as well as the many types of fish that are used in logos :-
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Inviting Authors on Blog Oh! Blog

Write for us!

This is an open invitation to all the bloggers and authors who want to write for Blog Oh! Blog.

Why the Invite?

For a long time, I have been managing this website all by myself where I had to create WordPress themes (free, premium and custom), manage the blog, and also write articles for publishing on Blog Oh! Blog. Things do get hectic when you are a one man running the big show.

Blog Oh! Blog’s themes are widely used by bloggers who use WordPress as their blogging platform. This is a major contributing factor for the website’s success and once I get a good team of authors, I will get the time to fully concentrate on that aspect and that will help take Blog Oh! Blog to a much higher level.

Why write for Blog Oh! Blog?

Today Blog Oh! Blog has achieved a respectable status and can be used as a decent platform for any author to showcase his skills and in turn promote his own website. Here are a few statistics that you might want to consider before writing for this website :-

Google PageRank :- 7/10

Alexa Rank :- 13,527

Unique visitors per month (Majority from USA, UK and China) :- 1,00,000 +

Backlinks (I think none of the existing WordPress Theme websites surpasses this number) :- 2,225,392

RSS Reader count :- 10000+

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WordPress Theme – Dictum

It’s been almost two months since my last blog post. To make up for it, I am hereby releasing a brand new free WordPress theme called “Dictum”.

Dictum - Free WordPress Theme

This is a WordPress 3.0 + compatible theme with a professional slideshow that you can use to display or highlight any of your categories’ posts. This theme also comes with a social sharing bar in the single post view that will help your users easily bookmark the useful articles from your blog. The widgetized sidebar comes with ready to configure feedburner, twitter and facebook icons that can be setup in the theme’s admin options. The thumbnails are auto-generated and use the default thumbnail size that wordpress generates when you upload an image with a post.
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