Do you Really Know WordPress?

WordPress Quiz

Do you think you know WordPress like the back of your hand?

I just made up this quiz that you can take to assess your knowledge on WordPress. Please don’t cheat by looking for answers on the Internet or in WordPress. Just take the test from whatever knowledge you have about WordPress :)

And yes, let me know what you scored in the comments! Be honest.

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Mafia 2 Sucks!

Today, I downloaded and played the new release of one of my favorite PC games – Mafia II (a timed demo available free on Steam). But man oh man!…I must say that developers have done a real shitty job. They have pulled out all that the game was good for, and introduced new mechanics which are really not that great.

I am very disappointed since I was waiting for this game to be released for ages now (the game’s already been delayed a lot). Here are some in-depth details on why the game called Mafia II sucks :-


Mafia franchise is always meant to be dark, gritty and serious business. The graphics in Mafia II have a little cartoonish feel to them. I cannot really explain this, but overall the world is too bright and happy, which is not how things should be in a game where cops are chasing criminals and everybody carries a gun under the hood (I hope you know what I mean!).

The textures are sharp but overall the graphics lack depth and seriousness.The original Mafia game looked much better at its time making it an instant hit with gamers. This version looks lame and is definitely not a trendsetter (which I was expecting).

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10 New Plugins for WordPress 3.0

WordPress Plugins

Meteor Slides

Meteor Slides makes it simple to manage a slide show with WordPress by adding a custom post type for slides. The slides are managed as featured images through the media library; they will automatically be cropped to the dimensions specified on the settings page. Optionally, each slide can link to any Post, Page, or external URL of your choice. Meteor Slides is easy to use, but the options should offer enough flexibility to use the slide show in many different ways.

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Front-End Editor

A WordPress plugin that enables “edit in place” functionality on your website or blog. It lets you edit posts or pages directly from your website. No need to load the admin back-end just to correct a typo.

Plugin Homepage


GetSocial allows your visitors to easily share your blog posts to their social networks via a floating box that never goes out of sight. GetSocial is compatible with the leading web browsers and allows you to add social networks of your choice to the sharing box.

Plugin Homepage

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Are you Using WordPress 3.0 Yet?

WordPress 3.0

If you are a WordPress user, its time to upgrade to the latest release of WordPress 3.0 (codenamed “Thelonious”). The new release comes with a lot of changes and bug fixes (I had also blogged about the upcoming changes in this post :- ).

The most notable changes include :-

  • Define your own admin username/password during the installation of WordPress
  • Bulk Updates of plugins and WordPress in one place.
  • Detailed help on every screen
  • A New theme that replaces the default theme called TwentyTen (2010) with lots of features
  • Define your own Custom Backgrounds/Headers
  • Custom Menu system to hand craft your navigation system
  • Custom Post types to create a CMS type capability
  • Inbuilt URL Shortening service
  • WordPress + WPMU combined to manage multiple blogs

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WordPress Theme – Businezz!

Businezz - A Free WordPress Theme

It gives me immense happiness to present to all my blog readers,  a brand new free WordPress theme called Businezz! As you can guess by its name, this is a business styled theme which can be used by anyone wishing to launch a company,corporate or business website/portfolio. Businezz sports a crisp design that will add value to any blog/website that implements it.

The theme comes with a ready-to-use homepage and a separate blog page for your posts. All the different segments of the home page have been designed keeping in mind how a company website should look. The home page can be easily set up from the theme options that have been integrated with the WordPress admin section.  For the blog, all you have to do is make a new page and choose its page template as the “blog template”. So basically, this a two in one theme :)

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