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This is an open invitation to all the bloggers and authors who want to write for Blog Oh! Blog.

Why the Invite?

For a long time, I have been managing this website all by myself where I had to create WordPress themes (free, premium and custom), manage the blog, and also write articles for publishing on Blog Oh! Blog. Things do get hectic when you are a one man running the big show.

Blog Oh! Blog’s themes are widely used by bloggers who use WordPress as their blogging platform. This is a major contributing factor for the website’s success and once I get a good team of authors, I will get the time to fully concentrate on that aspect and that will help take Blog Oh! Blog to a much higher level.

Why write for Blog Oh! Blog?

Today Blog Oh! Blog has achieved a respectable status and can be used as a decent platform for any author to showcase his skills and in turn promote his own website. Here are a few statistics that you might want to consider before writing for this website :-

Google PageRank :- 7/10

Alexa Rank :- 13,527

Unique visitors per month (Majority from USA, UK and China) :- 1,00,000 +

Backlinks (I think none of the existing WordPress Theme websites surpasses this number) :- 2,225,392

RSS Reader count :- 10000+

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WordPress Theme – Dictum

It’s been almost two months since my last blog post. To make up for it, I am hereby releasing a brand new free WordPress theme called “Dictum”.

Dictum - Free WordPress Theme

This is a WordPress 3.0 + compatible theme with a professional slideshow that you can use to display or highlight any of your categories’ posts. This theme also comes with a social sharing bar in the single post view that will help your users easily bookmark the useful articles from your blog. The widgetized sidebar comes with ready to configure feedburner, twitter and facebook icons that can be setup in the theme’s admin options. The thumbnails are auto-generated and use the default thumbnail size that wordpress generates when you upload an image with a post.
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Premium WordPress Theme – Company

I am glad to introduce a new Premium WordPress Theme into our collection called “Company”.

This theme is fit for anyone who is running a corporate, business or any kind of professional website/blog. This is a feature packed WordPress theme that comes with integrated theme options, so you don’t have to touch a single line of code to manage things. “Company” comes with three color schemes that will suit most of the corporate websites. Here is a list of all the features included with this theme :-

  • 3 Corporate Schemes – Blue, Green and Black
  • Automated Slideshow
  • Integrated Twitter Posts
  • WordPress 3.0 Menu Ready
  • Separate Home Page Template
  • Image/Text Logo Option
  • Social Bookmarking Bar
  • Diverse Theme Options
  • Gravatars Support
  • WordPress Gallery Ready
  • Full post-sales support

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Do you Really Know WordPress?

WordPress Quiz

Do you think you know WordPress like the back of your hand?

I just made up this quiz that you can take to assess your knowledge on WordPress. Please don’t cheat by looking for answers on the Internet or in WordPress. Just take the test from whatever knowledge you have about WordPress :)

And yes, let me know what you scored in the comments! Be honest.

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Mafia 2 Sucks!

Today, I downloaded and played the new release of one of my favorite PC games – Mafia II (a timed demo available free on Steam). But man oh man!…I must say that developers have done a real shitty job. They have pulled out all that the game was good for, and introduced new mechanics which are really not that great.

I am very disappointed since I was waiting for this game to be released for ages now (the game’s already been delayed a lot). Here are some in-depth details on why the game called Mafia II sucks :-


Mafia franchise is always meant to be dark, gritty and serious business. The graphics in Mafia II have a little cartoonish feel to them. I cannot really explain this, but overall the world is too bright and happy, which is not how things should be in a game where cops are chasing criminals and everybody carries a gun under the hood (I hope you know what I mean!).

The textures are sharp but overall the graphics lack depth and seriousness.The original Mafia game looked much better at its time making it an instant hit with gamers. This version looks lame and is definitely not a trendsetter (which I was expecting).

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