Need a job done? I can provide you with the following services :-

  • WordPress Theme Design (core area)
  • WordPress Plugin Development
  • Theme Modifications & Tweaking
  • WordPress CMS Installation & Configuration of Plugins
  • PSD to CSS/XHTML Conversion
  • PSD to WordPress Theme Conversion
  • Search Engine Optimization (Websites/Blogs)
  • Custom Website Development
  • CSS/XHTML Markup
  • Graphic Design

As a proof of my work, you can have a look at the blog you are browsing right now (I have designed and re-designed it many times; you’ll know this if you have already subscribed to the Blog Oh! Blog RSS feed). If you try a little bit harder, you will find a lot of Free WordPress Themes that I have designed for the community in the past. To earn a living from this blog, I have designed a few Premium WordPress Themes which you can look at, or buy one if you please. You are also welcome to assess my Portfolio that consists of the work I have done for my clients.

I like to follow a simplistic approach towards my work. If you are not a technology savvy person, I will help you out in a straightforward fashion and not confuse you with any jargon. For the technical people, I sure know where to look for my answers! To summarize it, I might not be the best out there, but I can certainly visualize your thoughts and give them a design. That’s a PROMISE!

So, if you are interested in any of the aforementioned services, you can fill up this custom order form that will help you in being more specific about your requirements.

Looking forward to your contact.

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