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WordPress Theme – Identity

To mark the year end, I am launching this brand new WordPress theme called Identity. This is a modern, 3-column, Widget ready, fully validated theme with black & white colors. I am sure this theme will suit most of the modern age bloggers. It is a fixed-width theme having good amount of space for blogging.

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Joining the Race of Bald Bloggers

Finally, I have decided to join the race. You might want to know which race am I talking about. Well, I am talking about the race of the bald bloggers. On the occasion of this blog crossing the 1000 readers bar , I decided to shave my head today and suddenly remembered that many of the popular bloggers are actually bald (Darren Rowse, Jeremy Schoemaker).
So, if you also want to … Continue Reading

Viral Marketing

You must have heard the term “Viral marketing” a lot nowadays and it seems to be the new in thing, with countless of internet marketers and online advertisers passionately enunciating all the benefits behind this new phenomenon that although so fresh, has already become part of the latest internet movement. But what is viral marketing? Can we buy it, sell it? Can it be controlled? Is there money to be … Continue Reading

Periodic Table of Famous Websites

I just stumbled across this interesting picture where the most famous websites on the Internet are arranged in a periodic table (remember the periodic table in Chemistry). You might want to see this so that you know how far you are from appearing in this table. Click on the picture to enlarge it.

Widgetbucks Vs. Google Adsense

Bloggers love affiliate programs, it runs in our blood, so every time a new one pops up there we go in the hope of coining a few more dollars. Adsense has for many years been the preferred, sometimes the only, affiliate program but with the introduction of WidgetBucks, things might begin to change. But before we trot along, one crucial question should be asked, which of the two provide the … Continue Reading

Get Twitter to Drive Traffic to your Blogs

We all love our blogs, nurturing it day in day out with unique, beautifully structured content only to discover that unfortunately that isn’t enough. What good is a blog if no one visits it, right? Today I have a little something that will get you hopping with joy, and traffic. Yes, I am talking about none other than Twitter.

Twitter is a cool community driven social networking site that provides an … Continue Reading

What does his Blog have that mine doesn’t?

I am sure this question pops up in your mind more than once when you go through a successful blog on the Internet. Well, for a start, just try to notice the following things. And if applicable, make a change.
– Better Colors & Layout
Try and change the colors and layout of your blog if you feel that your current color scheme is drab and does not attract enough visitors. … Continue Reading

Painting Mona Lisa using Microsoft Paint

I adore creative people but this guy is simply awesome with his crazy Paintbrush skills. Check him out redrawing Mona Lisa using just Microsoft Paint.

WordPress Theme – Xplosive Reloaded

After the success of my Xplosive WordPress theme, I am launching the new and revised version of Xplosive (really had to squeeze time from playing Crysis to make this theme). The theme is called Xplosive Reloaded and it lets you choose between four flavors – Satin, Autumn, Aqua & Prairie using a style switcher. It has three columns, is widget ready and fully XHTML validated.
As per request, this theme … Continue Reading

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