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Many people have asked me how to show posts on their homepage only from a particular category or categories. So here is a simple and quick solution for doing this.

Getting Posts from a Single Category

Go and open your index.php file from your theme folder. Now search for this string :-

Now just below this line, add the following piece of code:-

The above code will display posts only from the category called “General” on your home page. You can change this to any of your category names.

Getting Posts from more than one Category

In another case, if you want to show posts from more than one category (for example “General” and “Graphics”), you will have to use the category IDs and the code will be written like this:-

In the above example, I have assumed that the category ID for “General” is 1 and for “Graphics” its 2. You can get the ID for your categories by going to Manage->Categories in your wp-admin.

Excluding Posts from certain Categories

And if you want WordPress the exclude posts from some category, just put the “-” (minus) sign in front of the category ID like this:-

The above code will show all the posts on your home page except from the categories with ID 1 and 2.

I hope this is helpful for everyone.

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    hi…I need to be able to display a sort of “featured design” section on the front page of my website.

    I was thinking maybe I put a code that shows the latest post which is taking out the codes for the title, meta data and content out of the loop and putting them alone to show only one post which is the latest. I want to do this for a particular category and add a post to that category everytime I want to suggest a featured design.

    But I also want to hide it. I mean hide the category with the “featured designs” so that it doesn’t appear in the nav

  22. SeanCHEN left a comment on January 10, 2008 at 4:19 am |

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