Brand New Premium WordPress Theme – Trueblogger

Trueblogger WordPress Theme

I am pleased to launch Blog Oh! Blog’s second Premium WordPress Theme – “Trueblogger“. This is a 3-column, blue-colored theme with an eye-catching Web 2.0 design. The theme draws power from the jQuery platform to integrate two useful components required for modern blogging, and it is a fixed-width theme with enough space for any blogger’s gadgets and gizmos.

Here are some salient features of the Trueblogger theme:-

BBC Style Ticker Component :

News Ticker

To the best of my knowledge, none of the existing WordPress themes has incorporated this feature. This ticker allows you to highlight any kind of information on top of your blog, separating it from the rest of the blog. The component uses jQuery platform for the functionality and currently displays ten most popular post titles in a typewriter animation.

News Items Component :

News Items

This feature also uses jQuery platform + Easynews plugin to show news on your blog. The component supports all kind of HTML code, so you can put pictures or any other data that you want in the news items. Your site visitors can scroll through the news experiencing a smooth javascript transition. All these news items are directly editable through a single file which makes them easily customizable.

Support for Advertisements :


The theme also has support for 125×125 ads right in the middle section (hottest area of a website according to Google Heat Maps). These banners are also controlled by modifying a single file in the theme.

CSS Styling : All the elements of the theme are styled using a single CSS file. The CSS file is easy to read and has been divided into different sections for maximum readability. The comments in a theme are usually the most ignored part, but in this theme, they have been paid special attention to.

Recent Comments & Posts :

Recent Comments & Posts

A section on the left column displays the recent comments and posts without the need of additional plugins. A plus point for people who do not want to search for plugins to accomplish this task.

Comments & Trackbacks :

Comments & Trackbacks

The comments and trackbacks in this theme are tracked separately so it will be easy for the website administrator to follow up on both of them.

Widget-Ready Sidebar : The theme sports a widget ready sidebar on the right side.

Standards Compliance :


Fully XHTML 1.0 transitional.

Design & Layout :

RSS Feed

Unique Web 2.0 Design with crisp colors and layout. A nice RSS Feed icon has also been added for your viewing pleasure.

Post Sale Support : I will provide full support in case someone finds bugs or errors in the WordPress Premium theme.


I have spent quite some time to develop Trueblogger, but in order to keep the theme affordable by everyone, I have priced it at $79.99 (This price is lower than many WordPress Premium themes available on the Internet). The theme will be made available in the WP Theme Store for purchase, or you can directly contact me for purchasing this theme.

Moneyblogger Theme

In case you have missed out on the last Premium WordPress Theme – “Moneyblogger“, you can purchase it from the Theme Store for $49.99.

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13 comments on “Brand New Premium WordPress Theme – Trueblogger”

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  4. Dave says:

    What’s this doing listed under “Free WordPress Themes” when it costs $79 ?

  5. Jake Telina says:

    Well, 79 is cheaper then one or two of the overpriced themes, however most themes actually are cheaper then that (the premium ones). Smashing magazine did a great review of some premium themes out right now, and I think you may want to try getting yours added http://www.smashingmagazine.com/2008/01/11/premium-wordpress-themes-are-they-here-to-stay/

    good luck with the theme it looks like it might be nice.

  6. Vijay Zanvar says:

    A very good theme, Jai!

  7. suakii says:

    Each time I visit this site, I am always learn..^^

  8. Coryan says:

    The theme looks great. You really got away from the “same ole’ WP theme” with this one. I like the unique features and the way you integrated the 125x125s in the center of the screen. I may have a use for this one.

    BTW, when I tried the MoneyBlogger demo theme, the comments link under each post didn’t seem to work. The only way I could see the comments was to click the post header.

  9. codeAries says:

    Nice… I wish i could have it :(

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