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The latest Google Penguin Update has touched many Webmasters in all the wrong ways. The other day I was watching an old video of Matt Cutts explaining how to build Google friendly links that do not harm your website/blog’s ratings in any way. I am not sure if all of you have watched the particular video, but here are some quick pointers from the video, that can help anyone build good amount of organic backlinks. I really wanted to blog about these as they are awesome techniques :-

1. Start a Controversy

Writing controversial content is one of the ways that can help you get attention to your website or blog. There are famous blogs on the Internet that are always using this technique to garner attention. You can write about bad customer service, share your experiences, start a “sucks” post, make a versus comparison etc. The way this benefits your website is by getting people from both sides (for and against) paying attention to the content. But you should be careful that you don’t overdo this trick as it might get you labelled as a hater. There is a thin line between writing controversial content and spreading unnecessary hatred. So if you are able to write interesting controversial content, people will definitely like to link to your blog.

2. Participate in the Community

There are various websites that allow you to answer questions posted by other people (asking for help etc.). These can be related to any subject that might interest you and when you do this, you are adding value to the community. You are also allowed to leave your links on such websites which is a way of positive link building.  Gradually, people will start recognizing your genuine efforts and in turn link to your website.

3. Original Research

According to Matt, if you do even a little bit of original research on a topic and provide analysis and results to the community, people will want to link to you. This does require a little bit of homework and efforts from your side but the results can be very beneficial for your website. For example, Danny Sullivan in this post compares which e-mail services filters the most spam from the inbox and provides the results. Such articles/content can contribute towards building automatic links for you free of cost.

4. Newsletters

If you already have a readership or following, its easy to get people link to your website by sending out helpful articles and content through newsletters. Newsletters might be old school marketing but they still work :)

5. Social Media

Social Networking websites can be a great place to earn the attention that you website or blog wants. If people are spending 5-6 hours of their time on Twitter or Facebook, then you should be spending some of your time on those sites too. Connecting with people and talking/conferencing about the topics that concern you will get you good links.

6. Resource Lists

I am sure everyone has seen such lists like, “50 ways to build backlinks”, “100 creative WordPress Themes” etc. These lists are usually a compilation of different resources available on the Internet but getting them in one place and handing out to the people can definitely earn you their respect and in the due course, backlinks. There is sure chance of getting stumbled or dugg if the resource list is extensive and helpful.

7. Build a Blog

If you are running a website and not writing a blog, you are losing out big time. Almost all companies abreast of the happenings on the Internet do have a blog on their websites as it helps them to reach out to their users in a personal basis. Blogs are the most viral and authoritative way to earn backlinks. It doesn’t matter if you are getting links back to your content. Just your post title/s (if its unique) can help people search for that particular content which might not be available anywhere on the Internet world. Its that amazing :)

8. Distribute Free Product or Service

If you can afford the time, you should think about building up a free digital product or service and allow people to download it (e.g, E-books, WordPress themes, plugins, templates, Firefox Extension, etc). This will make people like you and in turn link to you.

I hope you like these tips. Do leave a comment :)


  1. This’s great article for newbie, thank for sharing

  2. Post is of great help but how many time it take a blog to get in top and get huge traffic from different sources and organic traffic??

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  4. Barry Reynolds left a comment on January 3, 2013 at 2:03 am |

    You are quite right. People are inquisitive by nature and love controversial posts. So, we can proudly say that controversy sells.

    Thank you for sharing this post!

    Barry Reynolds

  5. Right! Content is the best reason ! Go on with HQ content to Go on Google !

  6. I’ll follow your advice to do that so, I love Google and learning how to dominate this search engine.

  7. I agree, Writing controversial posts is a best way to get more attention,


  8. Great post, I’ll follow your advice to do that so, I love Google and learning how to dominate this search engine.

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  11. Very good article, reminds me of: ” all publicity is good publicity”

  12. Great post, I’ll follow your advice to do that so, I love Google and learning how to dominate this search engine.

  13. tank’s for u article. this good information for seo :)

  14. Right. content still is King

  15. Controversial posts are indeed important nowadays. Probably coz people are naturally attracted to gossip? I don’t know why but it works. There seems to be no social media suicide goin on either. Coz as kim kardashian has shown, you can use bad publicity to your advantage!

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  17. You are right. Writing controversial posts is a good

  18. Well I agree controversial content attracts more links and researched content usually manages to attract some quality inbound links.

  19. This article have great useful to me,It is actually a very nice post.

  20. Great summary of the Penguin update! I talk about this a little bit in my SEO training class. I liked your comments here. Spot on!

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  22. i like your tips, usefull tips. but too much inbound link make my blog is in Google Sanbox list. any idea to help me out?

  23. Good post, thank you to share your job.

  24. Nice to see your Post on SEO after penguin update. This post helps me alot to change my SEO strategy i also think that Social Engagement is one of the best SEO prctices. Thanks for this post.

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  26. Mj left a comment on July 27, 2012 at 9:16 am |

    Controversial topics, if gone viral, are one of the best ways to build links and get traffic, Once they spread, you will get loads of visitors and links in matter of time!

  27. J’aime ce poste. Je suis très heureux d’avoir lu cette information. Cela m’inspire totalement pour mettre à jour mon blog sur How to Be Eco Friendly. Gardez affichage messages grands … :)

  28. shoot penguin. lol. thank for sharing. good

  29. Mike left a comment on July 9, 2012 at 12:55 am |

    Good range of points you have made there. Social media sites really seem to be ramping up as one of the main areas for promoting and gaining exposure to your website. To cover all those areas can take a fair bit of time though, so whether you are better to focus on one area, or chip away at each, I’m not sure.

  30. More over, thanks sharing these. Kudos

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  32. Worli left a comment on June 15, 2012 at 1:42 pm |

    With Google panda and penguin update no one knows what is the genuine way to build links. No techniques is full proof one.

  33. It is an imporatnt post and many people like me will get a better idear how to build links.

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  35. Masoud left a comment on June 2, 2012 at 4:47 am |

    it was a useful article !
    Thank you

  36. Links are one of the important off page techniques to be applied. Even you do forum posting or blog comments it should be in the related category. This helps your site to escape from webspam.

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  40. sharma left a comment on May 22, 2012 at 7:29 am |

    Great Post to bookmark!

  41. You are right. Writing controversial posts is a good way to attract attention. This is the format that I used to write in my heydays.

    More over, thanks sharing these. Kudos

  42. By posts new articles every day or 3 to 10 posts per days ranking in alexa and google will increase faster.

  43. its a nice update about google. these tips will help me to build google friendly links that will automatically improve my blog’s ranking in google.

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