Top 10 Javascripts for Image Manipulation


This javascript enables you to add a cover flow effect to any image on your web page. You can add reflection, tilt angles and also borders to your images. The results look like this:-

Reflex Image


This is an unobtrusive javascript to add page curl effect to your images and works on all the major web browsers. It can also produce the curl on mouseover where it animates the effect. Here is what it can accomplish:-

Curl Image



This javascript can help you in adding nifty edges to your images. You can even mask a second transparent image to generate some nice looking eye candy. I was able to make the script do this:-

Edge Image


This javascript lets you add effects to your image corners like rounded corners, shadow (both inner and outer), shading etc. This is what can be done using this javascript :-

Corner Image


You can add slide frames to your images by using this javascript in your web pages. I am sure it can be useful to some people. This is what I came up with:-

Slided Image


Add a glossy effect to your images to make them stand out. This javascript also allows to add corners, shading and shadow. Here is my result:-

Glossy Image


This javascript allows you to add film strips around your images. You can also add shadow and shine to your film strip edges. This is what it looks like:-

Filmed Image


Did you ever want to add a lens to your page which will let you zoom into the images. This script will let you do that and much more using two versions of your image. Here is a preview:-

Loupe Image


This javascript lets you add an instant picture effect to your images. You can add border, tilt and shadow to give your images that photo effect which you always wanted. Here is a sample:-

Instant Image


This javascript simulates a whole bunch of effects! It allows you to add bevels with glow, shading and shine to your images. Here is the javascript in action:-

Bevel Image

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    Some really nice effects you linked too. the magnifying one is quite nice. apart from the fact you have to drag it around, the result is better than most flash examples of the same thing imo!

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    The scripts are good, but there was not a lot of thought put into this list, I’m afraid.

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