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I am proud to release another free WordPress theme called “AdsPress“. The theme is ready to use with Google Adsense and the advertisement blocks are perfectly placed (tested & tried) for giving you the maximum revenue out of your websites.

This is a widgetized, gravatar ready, 2-column theme with inbuilt WordPress 2.5 gallery optimization. I am sure that people looking to benefit from Google’s Adsense publisher program will find this WordPress theme useful for the purpose. I have also included the logo.psd file for modifying the logo image in the theme folder.

The adsense codes are included as images for the theme demo, but you can modify the adsense files and include your own adsense code to show your advertisements.

AdsPress is compatible with WordPress 2.5 and has been tested with Firefox and Internet Explorer.


Test Run | Download

Please give your comments to make this effort worthwhile for me :)

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195 comments on “WordPress Theme – AdsPress”

  1. I’m really loving the theme/design of your blog. Do you ever run into any web browser compatibility problems? A number of my blog readers have complained about my website not working correctly in Explorer but looks great in Safari. Do you have any recommendations to help fix this issue?

  2. Though just now found it, but I am grateful to have found AdsPress theme that I’ve been looking for

  3. Wena says:

    i finally found the theme I’ve looking for. thank for sharing this!!!

  4. Jason says:

    Exactly the ad optimized theme I was looking for, thank you!! Need something simple yet customizable I can use for a project.

  5. My brother recommended I might like this blog. He was entirely right. This post truly made my day. You cann’t imagine simply how much time I had spent for this info! Thanks!

  6. Adam johnson says:

    Very wonderful Themes can be found on this weblog.

  7. yuvraj says:

    can we put categories on top instead of pages?? pls. help help…

  8. Zapatos Zara says:

    Nice theme.

    Thank you very much.

  9. Attorney says:

    Thank you for this theme…!!

  10. Thanks for this great info here. keep it up

  11. Karin says:

    One of the best theme. Using it on a few sites of mine. Very SEO optimized too. Thanks

  12. Great Theme :D.. thank you

  13. thanks for sharing this free theme i like really this theme !

  14. Fred says:

    2011 and still using it!

  15. Would be great if it had columns , great work though, ive just starting using it and my adsense CTR has increased

  16. jamez says:

    Great theme. Perfect for adsense.

  17. Frans says:

    Thanks, I am using it on my WordPress site too!

  18. webninja says:

    still use it. awesome theme!

  19. Einkaufen says:

    Btw, I tested it with the newest version of WordPress and it’s still working like a clockwork. Really fine theme.

  20. Randolf says:

    Great theme, after testing like 5 (felt 20) adsense ready themes, this one is really among my favourites…and I’m pretty picky. Good job!

  21. Big Brother says:

    Hello Jai, the theme “Test Run” feature isn’t working, can’t really test run themes. Please see what’ wrong. Thank you for your help.

  22. Malcolm says:

    I used this template for my Farmville fans and works great. My adsense keeps the cash flowing while my other offers make sales…it’s a win-win site!


  23. jakki says:

    Nice Theme.

    Adspress is good theme for any service type site. going to use for my link building service site. :)

  24. Aram says:

    Simple and adsense clickable theme. Loved it

  25. taxation says:

    Thanks for this great theme. I will give it trial.

  26. buzzknow says:

    clean, nice, also adsense optimized!

    thanks a lot :)

  27. jeff says:

    anyone know how to remove the adpress logo from the top of the theme???

  28. My ads are now displaying the right subjects, there was some code that needed changing before it would work though.

  29. kelly says:

    Great looking theme. Rivals some of the premium ones out there. I will use it on one of my blogs and see if I can increase my adsense revenue

  30. Mower Jack says:

    Freedom theme looks much better than this one, too bad is paid! This theme seems like was built in a hurry…

  31. Hi,

    Currently using the theme and have one problem. Onthe homepage I can’t get the Adsense ads to display anything other then WordPress and blog ads. I don’t know why as it has nothing to do with my sites content and it only happens on the index page. Is there something in the code that is doing this?

  32. It’s beautiful theme. I use it on my recent blog :-)

  33. hi, nice to see some great wordpress themes free of cost. these are really professional themes and not looking free at all. thanks again i book marked your site.

  34. don luttrull says:


    you need to fix the url from there so that it points to the one that is in your adspress files.

    you need to change the url in the stylesheet as well as the header.php file

    the file is included in the zip file

  35. Kraampje says:

    Hi, is it possible to translate the Adspress theme, & can you give tips how to do this?

  36. absar says:

    Can you tell me how to install step by step, this adspress theme into existing WordPress?

  37. Stephanie says:

    My Adsense blocks are working in a weird kind of way. Home page only shows top Ad and its a public service Ad. Then select pages show all ads in normal fashion. Please help. I am not a new Adsense customer.

  38. Mathaios says:

    Great looking theme!www.internetpowerfultools.com/blog2/ will look awesome with it!

  39. Thanks for this !~ the theme looks really great. I’ll be using this on my Healthypeach.

  40. henry says:

    it seems that All In One SEO plugin does NOT work with this theme.

    Any idea on how to enable it or what changes to do to the files/code?


  41. This is a great theme for those serving adsense ads. Very neat and clean also.

  42. Iklan Gratis says:

    thanks a lot mate. i need to use this for my website :) I thing your adspress is great!

  43. Ash says:


    Awesome theme — nice’n’clean

    Getting an error:
    Access is denied to http://upixels.com/wp-themes/wp-content/themes/1/iepengfix.htc

    Checked other sites running the same theme and they appear to demonstrate the same error. A whois search reveals that upixels.com is available for purchase, therefore no longer hosting said file? Suggestions to rectify the issue?

  44. Donna Liens says:

    Wow! This is nice theme i’d looking for. Thanks for this, i have to modified my old GA themes soon b(^_^)m

  45. vipulsharma says:

    @reez:- Can anyone tell me, how to edit the adsense image on top and in body?

  46. nestor says:

    it is an excellent theme and the color are great!!!!….thank you .

  47. luvvips says:

    @Dan:- Dan this works fine WP 2.8, widgets working fine as well, can drag anything.

  48. luvvips says:

    Thanx for launching the theme, I love this theme. But I have questions to ask about it, as I am new to wordpress and having problem with its adsense image files. How can I upload the adsense here in header and other places?
    As some of theme I have seen and there are control panel to upload either the google adsense or banner.
    Can you please help me out?

  49. Dan says:

    Will this work with WP 2.7 and above? Widgets not working , cant drag anything…

  50. Annie says:

    Can someone please tell me how to make money on Word Press?

  51. Tom says:

    @Ed:- Ed – it’s an image at this location

    Make up a new logo image, call if logo.gif and put it there and you should be done.

    I’m enjoying looking through the themes on this site – some really nice ones both free and premium.

  52. Ed says:

    Love the look of the theme, but have removed all the adsense ad spots to use as a non adsense theme, but for the life of me cannot find how to edit out the “Adpress” on the header nor the “two line statement” underneath it to add in my own website and subhead info.

    Any help would be great.


    1. jeff says:

      great theme…I just need to change the adpress logo…but i don’t see a logo.psd file in the themes folder…can you help? thanks in advance

  53. Daniel says:

    I love this clean theme.

    But I want a left sidebar version.

    Is it possible?

  54. sobaoke says:

    thank you for this theme

  55. james says:

    Thank you! It’s beautifully theme.

  56. watch movies says:

    Thank you! Great theme

  57. reez says:

    I have used this theme before..really nice theme..thanks

  58. Thank you! Great theme

  59. Faisal says:

    Awesome Theme Jai

    Thanks for offering

  60. mj says:

    I would like to thank you for a well done. I am glad to find this site. I have uploaded today 3 of your themes, including this one. Hope you could create more 3-column themes.

  61. moneymatters says:

    great theme!!! thanks and more power.

  62. Matt says:

    wondering if anyone can help changing column widths on this theme? the sidebar is 230 pixels and i want to change it to say 260 pixels. i can change this in the stylesheet but then it mucks up as the body isnt getting made smaller. any advice?

  63. Matt says:

    test? previous comment didnt work?

  64. Ram says:

    Great! I do hope this theme will solve my low earning ads…

  65. Rama says:

    Awsome! Adsense ready feature is superb.
    Thanks Jai!

  66. Frank says:

    This theme is great, I really appreciate you included the .PSD file for the logo. Thanks!

  67. Hey, Nice theme i use it on my site.

    The ordered list (ol) you can display by put this code in the css.

    .entry ol li { list-style-type: decimal }

  68. Cool Theme…. Can I get some help here… I think my brain is on vacation today…because I know it has been awhile since I have done this but for the life of me, I cannot remember how to change the logo file or where to put it…arghh…..

    A reminder would be most appreciated…

    Thanks for a very nice theme….


  69. pavan says:


  70. Upgradedto WP2.6.2 broke the theme,

    A function used in the theme index is no longer preset. I fixed it by editing the theme/index.php file (I used the WP admin tools to do this) to remove the call to pingthis ().

  71. ravadir says:

    Very good job! Adsense blocks works…

  72. Excellent for ads – this theme rock

  73. D24 says:

    I made this of your theme.


    Somebody who want to share some figures?
    Conversion on your google adsense?
    What’s the best for google adsense?

    It’s working grate in google. After a post , 5 minutes it’s already seen in google on the first page but then it’s sinking al little bit. Someone who can help with doing better?

  74. NavanBlog says:

    Thank you For Free this theme:)

  75. Pingback: ?????Devart | ????
  76. serhat says:

    this is nice theme.where do you find nice theme ?

  77. Jason says:

    does this theme work with WP 2.6 now?

  78. Leo says:


    I have already downloaded the theme, how can I change the adsense code? I’am using the bidvertiser ads. I saw the code in adsense_top, adsense_blog and andsense_side with a a image code. My ads is javascript code.

  79. kpss cd says:

    woooawww, nice themes…

  80. 241 Pizza says:

    Same prob as Jose but looks great on my site too: http://1-pizza.biz/


  81. Nsymbian says:

    great theme!!! looks good on my site

  82. Justin says:

    Just wanted to say thanks for the theme. Looks great on my site – http://www.treadmillrevue.com

  83. Matt says:

    Hey any idea why the links in the sidebar are bold on the home page and not on any of the other pages? I would like the links to not be bold on all pages. Thanks.

  84. Tech news says:

    My blog is wearing this superb theme now. Thanks alot Jay. It rocks :)

  85. Matt says:

    How do I change the font of the top navigation bar lists so I can add more pages. After I add more pages to the top nav bar they just fall below because there is not enough room because of the search bar. Thanks.

    1. I love MP themes that have adsense built in mind, Cant wait to start using it.

  86. Alberto says:

    Ok, I’ve managed doing it adding a widget and removing the :-)

  87. Alberto says:

    Awesome template, thank you VERY much!!!
    I just can’t manage to get the “written by _author” in the post. Any suggestions? Thanks!

  88. Frank says:

    Wanjie, did what you suggested and shortened it to iepngfix.htc in the stylesheet. Gets rid of the error but sloooooows load time by alot. Anyone have any other suggestions to get around this? Thanks!

  89. wanjie says:

    @José Ruiz:-
    1,download “http://upixels.com/wp-themes/w…..pngfix.htc”
    2,upload “iepngfix.htc” to your theme path.
    3,just change the “header.php” & “styles.css” –“http://upixels.com/wp-themes/w…..pngfix.htc” with “iepngfix.htc”
    for ex. before
    * { margin: 0px; padding: 0px; list-style:none; text-decoration:none; behavior: url(http://upixels.com/wp-themes/wp-content/themes/1/iepngfix.htc) }

    * { margin: 0px; padding: 0px; list-style:none; text-decoration:none; behavior: url(iepngfix.htc) }

  90. wanjie says:

    Great theme! Thanks.

  91. José Ruiz says:


    thanks for the theme. But I have a problem. It’s good on Firefox, but in IE7 I have this message: Erros on page – Access is denied to http://upixels.com/wp-themes/wp-content/themes/1/iepngfix.htc

    This code is in the header.php file.

    I’am not sure, but some plugins not runs because this.

    Can oy help me?

  92. oldvovk says:

    Your works always like to me.
    I use a theme on one of blog.

  93. Doufer says:

    Doesn’t work on IE6…

  94. jack says:

    So here is what i did with your layout….. i really like it a lot…. i am customizing still but so far this is what my posts will look like…. the main page is cool too… umm but yeah i really like your theme… i think this is my 3rd time posting here…. yeah i like this

  95. jack says:


    yo thanks for the theme…

    i have been customizing it foreva…. but i really really like it..

  96. jake summers says:

    my right side bar is now on the bottom of the page, any idea on how i can correct this?


  97. Best Videos says:

    oh man, why you make single sidebar themes,, you know everybody wants to put lot of ads on the blog..

    I want it 2 sidebar :(

  98. sangprabo says:

    Many thanks, I’ve downloaded it…

  99. Jeremy says:

    just letting you know… i used this on my blog…..


    thanks!!! :)

  100. nuarX says:

    Thanks a lot Jai, I’m looking forward to set this theme as my default template for my new blog-to-be. Thanks again.

    Great Job Jai !

    Best Regards from

  101. Dana says:

    This is an awesome theme and I got my ads to work just fine. The only part that’s really sub-par is the logo graphic I made to replace yours, but that is entirely my issue. :D

  102. Muhibbuddin says:

    jai, why i can not change my category? look at Satus

  103. titan says:

    Huhu. Interested theme. I already download it and will apply at some of my blog.

  104. gre says:

    hi Jai. (my fave designer!)

    :) Just finished recode this AdsPress to blogger version.

    It can be see at http://adspress.blogspot.com

    And how to make a trackback on your blog? Is it manually added by you yourself?

    Awaiting for your comment.

  105. Sidon says:

    Really is a fantastic theme!
    I have a question:
    If I make a page (i.e. bio) which is a subpage of page “about”, for example, and in about page I call this page (bio) through a link, when bio is load the menu ABOUT is unkmarked. How to solve this?


  106. bradet says:

    Nice..and great theme ! Have a good job man, thanks

  107. Felicitaciones!
    es un theme muy limpio, creo lo que buscaba para vuelosbilletes.com
    Muchas Gracias!

  108. leeleaf says:

    i like this one ! it seems good!

  109. pixdev says:

    the theme has some errors in the css and in the header.

    the script file iepngfix is already there in the theme file but there is still a reference to a iepngfix script that is being referred from another site (upixel). an error is displayed .

  110. Jai says:

    @Jose Ruiz : The ads have been tested by editing those files. Please check as there seems to be some other issue.

  111. ifindtrends says:

    One of your best free themes yet. I have a project I have been looking for this type of theme.
    I’ll review it & your pro blogs on one of my sites.


  112. wow..this theme rocks!

  113. José Ruiz says:

    How do i change the adsense code please? I edit adsense_top.php, for example, and replace all the code on that page with my adsense code (just my adsense code: is that correct?), but is not run: just show the code in the public pages…

    So, I try to put all the adsense code:

    But, I can’t see the ads (nothing). I wait for 30 minutes… My account is not new. Can you help me?

  114. Vijay Zanvar says:

    Bullets in posts don’t show up!

  115. NewZZer says:

    Great theme! I like the rounded corners!

  116. bart says:

    How do i change the adsense code please?
    Where can i do and how can i save it please?

  117. Logicb0x says:

    I can’t say anything, BoB was the greates blog

  118. Andy says:

    Awesome Theme Jai.
    A very clean look and properly organized Google Ads. Man, I always feel like installing ur latest theme but this time I’m going to stick with Statement lol.
    Good job though.

  119. iRonnie says:

    though i wished you also had a 3-column version of this. :)

  120. iRonnie says:

    i love this. good job jai!

  121. Richard H says:

    Nice clean theme—good job Jai.

    Not sure if this is intentional, but when hovering over “RSS” in the menu bar, RSS changes from uppercase to lowercase, changing the placement of the RSS icon as well.

    It’s an easy fix for end users though, if this is not desired.

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