WordPress Theme – Blog Oh Blog V2.0

Wordpress Theme - Blog Oh Blog V2.0

Horee! Blog Oh Blog V2.0 now released. Double sidebar, multi column and widget ready. Simple, clean and easy you to modify. Sitemap and Sifr ready. Nice ya!

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  2. Hello! This post could not be written any better!
    Reading this post reminds me of my old room mate!
    He always kept chatting about this. I will forward this write-up to him.
    Pretty sure he will have a good read. Thanks for sharing!

  3. yazsana says:

    Awesome! I’m using v1 of this theme right now, I might think about converting soon but it seems like a lot of work good.

  4. Nice theme, simple and fast, efektive for adsense, graet job

  5. Ola parabéns, isso que você nos passou é muito importante. Obrigado!

  6. Thank you for all the details.

  7. wanna thank to you bob for this great template. i use it for my blog abv

  8. cosequin says:

    Amazing design, thumbs up, you’re a good designer.

  9. traveling says:

    nice your tema
    saya suka sekali

  10. barutel says:

    saya sangat suka dengan tema ini

  11. herucjah says:

    nice i like it and so much

  12. bedulu says:

    and please visit my blog

  13. artel says:

    nice tema and good

  14. Jules Dion says:

    i once downloaded the “Orange” theme and was quite happy with it… is that particular theme being maintained? any updates?

    far cry 3 review

  15. John Plur says:

    On my blog the recent posts leaves the most recent post off the list and only shows up when I add a new post but then that post isn’t on the list. Please help.


  16. Very nice to use this theme.Thank you so much.This theme is very useful,helpful.

  17. Mark Jacob says:

    Thanks for this theme, am using it on my new blog right now!

  18. i once downloaded the “Orange” theme and was quite happy with it… is that particular theme being maintained? any updates?

  19. thanks for the article

  20. design is very cool.. congratulations

    good for adsense

  21. Xbox gamer says:

    Cool theme! I really like it, it looks great

  22. Very nice theme , I’m will migrate from blogger to wordpress and i will consider to buy it , thanks alot

  23. Eva Smith says:

    great theme..! and I was use this theme for my blog

    1. Sure Eva! really great theme…

  24. ucuz parfüm says:

    thnx very nice very cool themes…

  25. Nice theme Bob! i am new here and really i like your work…

  26. Atif says:

    Blog Oh Blog V2.0 – An Excellent theme to see here.

  27. Soltroia says:

    love the new version !! much better than the last.
    good work!

  28. Daffa says:

    Can I Customize The Header Image {Blog Oh Blog} ? how?

  29. khairul ex says:

    hello jai,

    how to edit the header? i want change blog oh blog to my website name.

    how to hide my page? where your theme do not have theme option ( for exclude page)

    thank you.

    1. Jai says:

      Its an image that you can replace.

    2. You could certainly see your enthusiasm within the work
      you write. The world hopes for even more passionate writers such as
      you who are not afraid to mention how they believe.

      All the time go after your heart.

  30. belirtileri says:

    Salam.. Cemane la aku boleh masuk blog ni.

    Anyway aku nak guna jugak theme ni. Pas domain aku yang expired tu aku bayar balik la.. Hehe

  31. flatcast says:

    Thanks for the reply Bob! Now I know what to change.

  32. I did it, It kinda work, but then I note that the galleries were not working, so I tried changing the value to 11, and it work!

  33. niazor says:

    Clean and nice theme. I’ve installed it in my blog

    Tell me if there’s another update version of this.

  34. Debbie says:

    I love this theme and plan to use it on some blogs – but not being a programmer I do have one simple question – how do you change the top left hand test that says “blog o Blog v2″ to something else.


  35. Horee! Blog Oh Blog V2.0 now released. Double sidebar, multi column and widget ready. Simple, clean and easy you to modify. Sitemap and Sifr ready. Nice ya

  36. simple and beautiful theme

  37. anubea says:

    Nice theme.Thanks for sharing so good theme.

  38. aldrik says:

    I like this site.. All stuff is free to download.. nothing can I say.. except thanks B.O.B

    keep share

  39. MySQL Point says:

    Nice themes. thanks for shere

  40. Very nice template. I like the theme. You are a great designer.

  41. Dantel says:

    I use this theme. Thanks.

  42. PMII Komfeis says:

    great theme,, easy to use

  43. This is a very nice theme, I think it could be use for affiliate sites! Thank you for free download!

  44. jumps bond says:

    this theme is certainly one of my all time favourites!

  45. Budi says:

    Great theme..!Nice and Clean looks..
    I’m going to use this theme, thanks


  46. Seo blog says:

    Oh thank
    It work for me

  47. dedyisn says:

    How to make this themes support wordpress threaded comments ?

  48. Rayland says:

    anybody have an updated version that allows threaded comments? please share.. :D

  49. noni says:

    Great template… using it for my brand new site. thx for sharing.

  50. Just used this on my site. I’m really enjoying it, and it’s very customizable. Thanks a bunch!

    If anyone else has questions about how I customized , feel free to ask.

  51. dedyisn says:

    thanks bob

    i’ll use this a my primary themes next month

  52. oaken says:

    I like blog oh blog v2. I use it for my blog. Thanks Jai

  53. Abigail says:

    I downloaded this theme for my wp blog and absolutely LOVE it!
    Thank you!

  54. wazoo says:

    @Will:- I had a devil of a time tracking down this same issue, and it was due to a plugin called “Inline Posts”. I scoured the code for it, and it embeds the id=top ickyness..

    Apart from that, I LOVE THIS THEME!

  55. Dr.Bruce says:

    Great site and great theme. Many thanks.

  56. emoboy says:

    Cheers, i’ve got pics of my new emo hair

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  58. romanzick says:

    wanna thank to you bob for this great template. i use it for my blog abv

  59. rida says:

    siip deh.. aku mo coba theme nya..

  60. Manish Mohan says:

    @Manish Mohan:- Okay, I found out how. Stupid me. Thanks.

  61. Manish Mohan says:

    I love the theme and am using it for my blog. I would like to remove the ad that comes on the right sidebar. I couldn’t find the code for. Any help would be appreciated.

  62. soldi says:

    very nice template! you’re great wordpress designer!

  63. chenhow says:

    I’m using popblue 3 column for my blog, but I really like the way how bobv2 theme show all the posts. Hence, I modified popblue 3 column by following the way bobv2 display the posts.

    Is like popblue3 + bobv2.
    If any of you are interested, can download the modified version from my blog.

  64. ubey says:

    wah. nice theme

  65. Thura Tun says:

    Very nice to use this theme.Thank you so much.This theme is very useful.

  66. HoliX says:

    Great Theme, I love it …

  67. Preoteasa says:

    Great theme, Bob! Congratulations!
    But how can i change right sidebar backround color?

  68. Tanner says:

    Excellent theme. It takes some work to get everything how you want it, but the CSS and PHP is well-organized and pretty self-explanatory. I’m running a heavily edited version and absolutely love it! Great work, Jai!

  69. Kham says:

    Love this theme. It’s exactly what I’ve been looking for.

  70. lonkil says:

    Very Good,Thx Bob.

    I will use it for my chinese blog.

  71. chorva says:

    very nice theme. keep up the good work :)
    downloaded and will use in the future.

  72. Josh says:

    @Jai:- So then what do I do? I tried changed the height value of “#top” but that just made the header have a big black area under it…i just want to get rid of the blue part and have everything else the same!@Josh:- Nevermind got it :)

  73. Josh says:

    @Jai:- So then what do I do? I tried changed the height value of “#top” but that just made the header have a big black area under it…i just want to get rid of the blue part and have everything else the same!

  74. Jai says:

    @Josh:- That’s because that blue is the background of the whole blog. You have reduced the height of the #top element in the style.css because of which the background is showing.

  75. Josh says:

    I need some help with the theme, if you go to my site and look at the right hand sidebar you will notice the blue part has gone all the way to the top. How can I prevent this?

  76. K?z Oyunlar? says:

    thanks for this theme.

    1. beresy says:

      best for adsense camp

  77. Andos says:

    Nice themes, thank you

  78. thanks for this wonderful theme. it works perfectly

  79. PS3 says:

    Glad I found this article, despite posting for a while, this is the first time I have actually seen the flame effects running of the side of the main division. Must look harder!

  80. Fantastic theme, I love it! The only problem I’m facing at the moment is that I can’t seem to make it show foreign characters like ë é etc

  81. Mary says:

    Hi, great theme. Am trying to change the BlogOhBlog heading to my blog name. I can get it to show when I change the h1 to h2. But, I’d like the name to be in h2. How can I go about this?

  82. Ankan Basu says:

    Thanks for the theme. Switching to this one!

  83. John says:

    I am adding the following code to my main page template.php file so I can have a permanaet Digg link at the end of each post:

    <a href=””>Digg

    The link shows up, but it keeps tacking my domain name in front of it. How can I fix this?

  84. says:

    Tamasong’s Blog

  85. Cory says:

    How do you change the green font color in the sidebar? I can’t find the code in the stylesheet.

  86. DigiD says:

    Fantastic theme, I love it! The only problem I’m facing at the moment is that I can’t seem to make it show foreign characters like ë é etc. What do I need to change to make that work?

  87. Diego says:

    @Miles: Look at the CSS code where the entry class is. This has a default of 500px, you can make that larger, but think about the sidebars, you must take away one sidebar to use more space. That’s what i’m doing on a page that i need more space…perhaps there is another way…

  88. Miles says:

    How can I make the content area wider so it can fit videos like this, for example, ?

    Thank you.

  89. Jai says:

    @Diego : That’s a nice modification you have made to the BobV2 Theme

  90. Diego says:

    Hi, this is a great theme, I moved out from Blogger now and used this theme with a little modification by me. Of course I let your link in place, but I would like to tell you that this is a great! theme. Thanks a lot! I hope you like my site, is in spanish, but you can see the design.


  91. KK says:

    is this adsense ready?

  92. Thanks George it was the permalinks that were wrong.

    I removed the index.php and it’s working now.

  93. George, Thanks for the tips.

    About the index.php it was already configured and it worked before installing wordpress 2.5!!!

  94. George says:

    Hi José! First off your theme was slightly modified, second, for an unknown reason a /index.php/ appears between the domain and the page name e.g: it should be: check your links configuration in the admin panel ( ). I’m using the same theme with WordPress 2.5 without problems. Regards.

  95. Useful site. Thank you.

  96. Hello,

    I’m using this theme for a few months, but now i’ve upgraded wordpress to version 2.5 and the menu doesn’t work.

    I have 5 buttons in the menu:

    Only home, forum and rss works.

    The others when i click it shows error 404. Not found.

    I’ve reinstalled wordpress 2.3 and it works fine but in wordpress 2.5 doesn’t.

    Can anyone help me please?? I haven’t found any theme that i like except this.

  97. George says:

    Hi Jai , it works with WordPress 2.5? Waiting for the version 3.0!

  98. zigmat says:

    Wow! I was writting it like a joke, but now i will be watching yours news.

    Sorry about my bad English ;)

  99. Jai says:

    @zigmat: I am working on a version 3.0. Watch out!

  100. zigmat says:

    Stil waiting for version 3 ;)

  101. I will be using this theme for my Blog as it fits perfectly with what I wanted. I also like the ad space you allow for people to implement there affiliate products.

    Thanks, Scott.

  102. Jai says:

    @pal: To insert a flash header, you will have to do much more than just insert the swf. You should carefully edit the style.css file and your header.php

  103. pal says:

    hi, i ve a question
    i must to insert an header in flash
    so….where i can insert my swf code?

  104. PT says:

    …@John – that should be “between the ad div sections”

  105. PT says:

    @John – Yeah, you need to remove those ads. They aren’t doing you any good. Either get your own to place there in the “header” and sidebar or get rid of them all together.

    In wordpress go to ‘presentation’, then ‘theme editor’ and look for the ‘header’ file. Locate the ad section (it’s close to the bottom) and remove the part between the s.

    Hope that helps.


  106. john says:

    guys, how can i edit the code on the ads in the header and also the firefox ads button? is it apart of contribution to jai n bob who create this template?

    im so new in this and really apprecite your guys kindness.. cheers!

  107. Useful site. Thank you:-)

  108. 8oN60L says:

    Wonderful theme. Thank you!!!

  109. Useful site. Thank you!!!

  110. eko says:

    Bob, I’d like to thanks to you although it’s rather late, but it’s okay.

    I just use this V20 theme on my website:

    And be the first website I’ll review…

  111. TRV says:

    Very beatiful. Thanks…

  112. David says:

    Thanks for this theme. Very nice!

  113. Pattaya says:

    Thanks for this theme.

  114. Hi Bob,

    I have a few questions regarding this theme. I have installed it on the latest version of WP but have trouble uploading Plugins. When I go to the Plgins folder within the admin after FTPing them I see nothing.

    Is it possible that this theme is compatible with Plugins and if yes, how can I change this? Also, I assume that to see the two small feature posts as per sample I would need to publish 3 posts first? Is this correct?

    The Plugins I was trying to upload were the “All In One SEO” and the updated Ryan Duff “Contact form”


  115. WTJ says:

    hello, i know nothing about css, but could you please tell me where to change the font colour of this theme? thks :)

  116. Jai,

    I’m getting random Google Ads (I havn’t added any) in the spot where my feedburner social links should go (just under my individual post on single post pages). Any thoughts on why this is happening?



  117. Emo says:

    Hi Bob, great design. Congrats on that.
    Im wondering how can i make the template show more than 10 @ homepage.
    I know it always shows the latest firts (in 2nd, 3rd…page). I want to show more than 10 post @ homepage. Do you know where I have to edit? Im trying to find but no success.

  118. Hanna says:

    you know, i made a new site (click my link), and i am still inlove with this theme so i’m using it again :]

  119. Thank you for this excellent Theme.

  120. lbarriocanal says:

    Thanks. I have your theme in my blog

  121. Jai says:

    @Shira: You will have to modify CSS file for that. For more help, ask in the forums.

  122. Shira says:

    Excellent theme!

    Is it possible to replace the entire header (text ad and all) with an a one-image header? And at a different height?

    How exactly should I do this so that I don’t screw something else up along the way?

    Thanks in advance!

  123. Jai – Thanks for making this theme available.

    I have recently installed it (after quite a few mods) on my brand new Perpetual Giveaway site if your visitors would like to have a look at another variation.

    I am also looking at using this theme on other sites I operate because of its versatility!

    Stephen Spry

  124. Jai says:

    Look for the code in the index.php file. For more detailed explanation, ask in the forums.

  125. Jon says:

    Hello Bob,

    Absolutely fantastic theme!

    Is there a way to show like 3 or 5 full, entire posts and then have summary ones below it? Currently, the theme only shows 1 complete post and then summarizes the older posts. I know almost nothing about coding/programming and wonder if this would be an easy adjustment to explain. Thanks!

  126. igmuska says:

    Greatest site yet…free WP themes, easy to read, and JAI is always here!!!

  127. hermans says:

    ps. the code changed is: showposts=2

  128. hermans says:

    Hi Bob,

    I’ve little question.

    When I change the code in index.php for show only 2 post on the homepage with this:

    after reload the page… I look, on the summarized posts, again the title and the rss content of the same 2 posts show in home :(

    Some tips? If possible to fix this?


  129. gladita says:

    i’m quite a newbie to blogging. luckily i stumbled upon your blog. thanks for the theme!

  130. JoNathan says:

    Thank you soooo much!

  131. Jai says:

    @Jonathan: Its in the rss.php file

  132. JoNathan says:

    Ok … I am having issues. I love the template … I just haven’t found where to update the about me stuff that is on the right side … which file is that in?

    Best Regards,
    Mr Confused.

  133. This is a wonderful theme.
    I wonder you could have earned lot if you would have sold this theme.
    Anyways, thanks a ton Jai!

  134. syuxx says:


    lol. why u put this on blogger@blogspot??
    this one only work on self-hosted wordpress. other mayb cant if you doent know how to tweak some of the code there.

  135. brandon says:

    I can’t get it to work on :(

    “We were unable to save your template
    Please correct the error below, and submit your template again.
    Your template could not be parsed as it is not well-formed. Please make sure all XML elements are closed properly.
    XML error message: Content is not allowed in prolog.”

  136. a Chinese says:

    It’s a NICE BEAUTIFUL theme!Thanks a LOT!

  137. Ferdz says:

    Hello. I love this theme, I’m using it in my blog. Thanks for sharing!

  138. prototip says:

    Thanks! This is great theme. I use it soon for my personal blog

  139. istanbul says:

    Thanks mate lovely Theme i will use it as soon as possible..

    Thanks again

  140. syuxx says:


    u can edit the psd.file in image folder lah.
    but u need photoshop to change it. if you dont have a photoshop, you can download it at my blog. free and portable.

    to change the ads, you can edit the header.php file. change or delete the code at div id ads

  141. mamat says:

    Hello Bob. Got some problem to changes the header. Blog Oh Bob on a left side of header template. I assumed this is not an image. But im still confused. And have no idea now. Would you guide me here ?

    Thanx anyway.

  142. syuxx says:

    anything can make this theme using something like ajax page? so it wont load the whole page when user click it.

  143. ping says:

    - howto createate SITEMAP
    – PAGE post
    – or plugin

    ### HOWTO

  144. DCM says:

    Hi, Great theme! Just one question, how do you remove or change the ‘About Me’ text in the sidebar?

  145. bizmalaya says:

    kenapa lsidebar dan rsidebar tak keluar erkkk..boleh bantu tak?

  146. Ravi Singh says:

    Nice theme . I am currently using your theme at my site but it shows some kinds of problems in IE . I dont know why does it shows these kind of problems like sidebar completly going down.
    In Mozilla it is nice .

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  148. DavidTan says:

    Very nice theme! Thanks a lot!

  149. tjchiam says:

    I tried adding the code to display tags for WordPress 2.3 in index.php but the tags won’t display. Is this theme WordPress 2.3 compatible?
    Here’s the code i used: <?php if ( function_exists(‘the_tags’) ) { the_tags(‘Tags: ‘, ‘, ‘, ”); } ?>

  150. Robert says:

    Great theme! The CSS is a little messy and doesn’t play well with other CSS styles.

    If it’s okay with you, I want to clean up up the CSS coding, and the wordpress coding for the site.

    I love the theme though, just the backend is a little messy. Ya know?

  151. Cristian says:

    Hello! Is posible adapt this theme for Blogger??

  152. prithvi says:

    hi.. why ie error right sidebar?

  153. Overclock says:

    I found someone use you themes without your footer link..

  154. I was wondering if there is any way to make the parent pages collapse with the child pages? So the child pages are hidden until you hover over the parent page and then a small menu expands and shows all the child pages.

    Is this possible without a tremendous amount of coding?

  155. Lisa says:

    I was actually able to find some of the things I needed to fix. I’m still having a problem with colors, and I’m wondering how to get rid of where it says “Put your ads here”

  156. Lisa says:

    I love the design! My questions are, once the template is uploaded, how can I edit the “About me” section above the “want to subscribe” I’m new to wordpress :)

    Also, how can I change the color scheme? I would like to change the color scheme for some things, kind of like how you have the blue color for your “recommended money makers” etc

  157. Miss Ladybug says:

    Love your template. Is it possible to use on Blogger? And how do you not lose the content/widgets already on the blog? Thanks…

  158. pharmacy says:

    It is nice article! Thanks, good info!

  159. pavs says:

    Hi can you give me a qoute of how much you will charge me to make some custome work on my blogs using your theme?


  160. Corey says:

    Bob- Love the theme. I am interested in showing more posts, then summaries. I have discovered how to display more full posts, but the summaries overlap the displayed posts then show the previous ones. Any idea how to get the summaries to start were the full posts leave off?

  161. geblek says:

    howto use gravatar at comment.php

  162. xxxl says:

    Thank you. I particularly liked the theme. The collections. Thanks again.

  163. Scott says:

    WOW! I love this theme. One question, however. I am very familiar with CSS, but not enough to answer this question.

    I want to change the color of the links in the POST (not anywhere else). I want the sidebar link colors to stay the same, etc. When I post a link in a test post, it comes out the same color as every other link, and it’s not distinguishable from the normal text.

    I’ve played around with the CSS for a couple of hours and can’t figure this one out. Help!!

    Thanks for a great theme!

  164. JimmY says:

    Great skin bob. I`m using it! It`s very cool, and it has a quick load. Hope in the future, you will release another skin! Greetz, Jimmy!

  165. George says:

    Hi Bob, wonderful theme! is there a way to show all the entries when someone click a category? (previous posts or “previous entries”)

    Thank you!

  166. Funny Guy says:

    Thanks for your great work!

  167. dragon says:

    I love first version :)

  168. chris says:

    Thanks for the reply Bob.

    Just another thing – at the top of the page (well the title) it says ‘ghostfreak ;raquo; Blog Archive’

    Any reason why the ;raquo; is there?

  169. Bob says:

    chris @ open your header.php and remove

    < div class="ads">
    bla bla bla
    < /div>

  170. chris says:

    How can I go about removing the ad (in the top right) completely?

  171. Bob says:

    abdfatah @ dalam folder theme ada file logo.psd. edit yang tu. :)

    L3ST @ remove your akismet widget. :)

  172. L3ST says:

    Thanks Bob. Initially I tought the header was that swf and I needed to modify it but I realized that i have a logo.psd in the “i” folder :). Solved now.

    Two questions: What file do I need to edit to remove the “askimet blocked yada yada” from the sidebar and add 2-3 images under “Pages”? Usually the themes I use are simple but your coding style is a little hard to understand ( or maybe the theme is too complex for my close to 0 coding experience ).

  173. abdfatah says:

    nak tanya laaa… saya nak tukau header tu nak tukau gambo gif yang mana satu haaa? konfius dah nih… bleh nolong tak?? header bobv2 yang terdahulu punya design…

    kalo pages tu… nak bagi sederet dan sebaris camana nak ejas haaa…?

  174. Marcel says:


    I want to use the Limau template. How to I get rid of the Limau logo and replace it with my own text? Also, how would I insert a photo in the header? I have a foto I want to put at the other end of the header away from the blog title.

    Thank you,


  175. vio says:

    Hi, very nice theme.
    I recently started using it but I have a question or 2.
    * Is it possible in the summarized posts at the bottom to still be able to show the picture that was used in your post? (lets say max size 200×200)
    * How can i change the right sidebar backcolor completely? Because there will always be small blue border.

    Would be great if you could help, thanks.

  176. Hey! I just wanted to give u a BIG THANKS for this theme!

    I just found it for the first time yesterday. It’s def. on my top 5 list!

    I just starting using it yesterday. I added in a space for ads…i hope thats ok.

    – Andrew

  177. chris says:

    Can I just delete all that ad code?

  178. Bob says:

    L3ST @ – go to

    chris @ open your header.php

  179. chris says:

    Hey all, how can I delete the ad that shows up on the top right of the theme?

  180. Bin says:

    HI!just wanna change alittle bit info.^^

  181. L3ST says:

    Hey there. The theme is great but i can’t edit dax.swf, my adobe flash cs3 professional says it’s protected.

  182. Bob says:

    Bin @ ur welcome but why should to remove my credit link? kua kua kua

  183. Bob says:

    kim @ for h2 open header.php and change on the sIFR function.

    Bin @ same like kim said. change it on rss.php

  184. kim says:

    update: i figured out some of the probs myself ;) but the question about the older entries at the bottom i still haven’t figured out. anyone?

    @ bin: the rss.php file is the one you’re looking for. you can easily change the text there and customize it. :)

  185. Bin says:

    Hi! Just a question.Where i can change this think “Here I’ll share my knowledge, discovery and experience related to my hobby and work. Most articles on this site are related to blog design, short reviews, tips and make money online.” in About me.I try to find but didn’t see where is that

  186. kim says:

    oh one more thing, in the older entries at the bottom it shows the current entry as well. do you know what i did to make that happen? and how can i change the number of older posts it shows in the bottom… thanks so much again!

  187. kim says:

    hi bob, just wanted to let you know that i LOVE the theme. i’ve been playing around with it WAY to much yesterday [at work ;) ] but i can’t seem to figure out one thing. maybe you can help?

    – the h2 in the sidebars seems to be “overwritten” by something. during the loading-process it shows “my” color [a blue] but once it’s fully loaded, it stays the colors you have in your sidebar header as well [the green, gray and brown]. any idea what in the css is have to change?

    thank you so much for the theme and your help! :)

  188. suenwj says:

    i have a problem here. when i replaced the index-normal to index.php, all the things on the side bar went to the bottom of the left page.. this only happen on the main page but other pages are working fine. can anybody help me on this. thanks alot!

  189. pavs says:

    This is by far the most interesting wordpress theme I have ever seen and I have seen them all. Thank you so much for sharing it with us:

    I use it in my blog and I am loving it. It took some time to customize is but it was totally worth it.

    Thanks again.

  190. zigmat says:

    Hello. I have a problem… When i insert tags, then all my block titles gone. site – (Sorry for my english? i know he is bad)

  191. Bob says:

    Will @ Thanks Will, help me for some user questions. you rock!

    CFernandes @ ok rename index-normal.php to index.php. for next or previous link is there. but in some part i use lesterchan plugin. ( WP-PageNavi 2.11 )

  192. CFernandes says:

    I have a question. I just installed this theme, it looks good, but I wanted to show full posts (no summaries at the bottom). But when I do this I don´t have a “previous posts” link?? how can I fix this?

  193. Will says:

    Exactly what plug-in are you using? Link if you have one.

  194. Steve Young says:

    Hey Will – that’s the problem…the adsense code is being added/controlled by a plugin. I just pick where in the post I want it and it inserts it…the adsense code isn’t hard-coded into the index file. I checked all the files and I can’t figure out why that’s getting inserted…

    Bill, any suggestions?

  195. Will says:

    Steve, it should be in your index file. The same file you added your Google Adsense code in. Have a look and see if you can find it there. Directly next to your Adsense code.

  196. Steve Young says:

    @Will – I found the problem in the code when I right-click and ‘view source’ from the actual page loaded up, but I can’t find where it’s doing that in any of the files…the original id=top tag is in the header file, but it doesn’t repeat in the actual file itself…

  197. Steve Young says:

    @Will – Thanks for the help. While I have an idea as to what you’re saying, I’m not 100% sure, so I have two questions:

    1) can you send me your fix via email:, so that way all the tags will be intact.

    2) can you let me know which file what you’re referencing is in? Header, index, etc?

    Thanks a lot!

  198. Will says:

    Steve, I believe I found your problem, but this comment script will not allow HTML tags, so I’ll try to show you a different way.

    You seem to have a problem with a tag directly before your Google ads.

    Look for the tag id=top enclosed in a p tag.

    Reove that, and it should work, but you may need to keep the p tag without the id=top enclosed and without the forward slash.

    Make a backup copy of the file and give it a try.

  199. Will says:

    Steve Young, you appear to have an issue with a tag. Check out this code just above your Adsence ad:


    This piece of the code may be causing problems:

    Remove the id and that may fix your problem, you may have to remove the entire “” in order for it to work properly and replace it with “”. give it a try, but make a backup of your file before making the change.

    I had to add quotes ” ” because HTML tags are stripped in this comment section.

  200. Will says:

    Steve Young, you appear to have an issue with a tag. Check out this code just above your Adsence ad:

    This piece of the code may be causing problems:

    Remove the id and that may fix your problem, you may have to remove the entire in order for it to work properly and replace it with . give it a try, but make a backup of your file before making the change.

  201. Steve Young says:

    I think I figured out what’s going on, I just can’t fix it. I’m getting a repeat of the header title area (the black bar) after the first post heading. Do you know how to get rid of that? Thanks.

    Here’s the URL:

  202. Srijit says:

    Hi Bob,
    I love your theme. Could you please tell me where i can get the fonts that you used in the header?

  203. Steve Young says:

    Hey Bob,
    I’m getting a blank space under title line of my posts and pages…text and ads show up as they’re supposed to, but not formatted correctly and lined all the way across the page in that space. I didn’t make any mods to that part of the code that I’m aware of…was that way when I first uploaded your code.


  204. Billy Dennis says:

    Mac users. I’ve received two complaints from regular readers. I’ve asked them to send me a screen capture.

  205. Bob says:

    @Billy Dennis – may i know the safari version? win or mac?

  206. Billy Dennis says:

    Have there been any reports of this not rendering properly in the Safari browser

  207. David says:

    dear bob,

    the design is really great. i have one questions. how can i display on the frontsite pictures in the other posts?

  208. Bob says:

    ok. i’ll update the code soon. before that, try look at

  209. Billy says:

    I have searched through the code on your template and have found what I need but I don’t have the best php skills. I was wondering how would one go about making 5 top post instead of only 1 and then having the rest show up as the summaries?

    What I would like to do is show 5 new posts at the top instead of just the latest.

    Thank you in advance.

  210. Will says:

    Derek, you have too many ‘Pages’ published, with long titles for the space available. Try using just NCR instead of full names and they should fit properly.

    Otherwise, you will have to edit the template to move the “Pages” to a location in the sidebar.

  211. derek says:


    i just downloaded your theme and i really like it.

    one problem though, sub pages are showing in the main navigation bar, how to remove them? you can take a look at the site also what are the plugins for this theme?

  212. Nicholas says:

    Hi Bob, I like the idea having the recent post below the main post. But if I want set to show 3 post then the rest summarised on below, when I press next page, only the “recent post” at the below changed, instead of the 3 main post. Any idea how to change it?

    More simple saying is, I want the main post to change when click on previous post/next post instead of the the summarised post below.

  213. Your WP Template looks very good!

    Thanks for offering it here ; )

  214. P.S. Also I tried uploading the original files I got from the download, but its still that way on my single posts. It still doesn’t have the white background.

  215. Hi Bob. I tried your theme and I love it. The only thing is, I seem to have broken it when I tweaked the info and other details. When I view single posts the white background is missing. :(

  216. indobloger says:

    i have the first version. but this new version is much better. thanks for the effort.

  217. Nico says:

    hey how did you make sifr to work?

  218. danielctw says:

    Ok, this time you really got me hooked onto your theme designs. The formality and simplicity of it. Marvelous. Keep up the good work. Now I just need the time to update it to my site.

  219. Nicholas says:

    This is just super cool ! I can now use it on my technology blog . =)

  220. Hrw says:

    Nice theme – will look at it and probably adapt to my use and switch.

  221. Rell says:

    @ Bob or Adrian…. how do I get the button to dropdown like yours?

    Also @ Bob, did you figure out the problem yet?

  222. Ryan Lineker says:

    Also what related post mod do you use?

  223. Ryan Lineker says:

    On my blog the recent posts leaves the most recent post off the list and only shows up when I add a new post but then that post isn’t on the list. Please help.


  224. eches says:

    Alamak dah tuka byk theme yg dulu..tapi theme nih lagi gempak..ish2 confius2..

  225. Rell says:

    @ adrian… how did you get your addthis button to drop down?

  226. hanna says:

    hurray! this is great! i’ll use it :)

  227. Rell says:

    What about me BOB? The issue I’m having with [tag][/tag]??? =)

  228. Adrian says:

    include (TEMPLATEPATH . ‘/menu.php’)

    it seems php is not being parsed here :)

  229. Adrian says:

    Thanks works like a charm. One more thing though:
    on the archives page I don’t know why the menu bar isn’t showing up. I tried to include it like this:
    but nothing.

    Do you have any ideas?

  230. Bob says:

    Adrian @ you will see the index-normal.php file, rename it to index.php.

  231. Adrian says:

    oh and the website is ,silly me:)

  232. Adrian says:

    also on the bottom, where the short version posts should be, I get only one post. Any idea on how I can display 4 of them ?:)

  233. Rell says:

    Let me see your site… I might be able to help

  234. Adrian says:

    Well that’s not an option since I hardcore modded the actual theme. That’s why I asked for the code:)

  235. Rell says:

    @ Adrian, just use the old BOB theme.

  236. Adrian says:

    How can I make on the index page that the old posts don’t get aligned to left or right, instead I need them to look like the first post. Thanks!

  237. Bob says:

    ambsmart @ ok.. jangan sesat lagi. :)

    Ajibxx @ Yes, you rock!

    Rell @ great question. may i know how it look?

  238. Rell says:

    Bob, you freaking cool dude… the only problem I have with the theme is that the [tag][/tag] shows on the mini versions of the entries. How do I fix that?

  239. Ajibxx says:

    I have switching to this themes..Nice looking..

  240. ambsmart says:

    Salam.. Cemane la aku boleh masuk blog ni.

    Anyway aku nak guna jugak theme ni. Pas domain aku yang expired tu aku bayar balik la.. Hehe

  241. Bob says:

    Josh @ ok, take ur time :)

    mohdismail @ huhu.. mau tukar ini.. tunggu..

    Luc @ ermmm.. thinking.. maybe next, anyway thanks for the ideas.

  242. Luc says:

    Hello Bob,

    Do you have any plan to port you (very very cool and usefull) theme to sandbox ?

  243. mohdismail says:

    uiyoo Bob.. jarang pembuat themes nak release theme sendiri guna.. ha ha.. ko mmg rocks la Bob!

  244. Josh says:

    Awesome! I’m using v1 of this theme right now, I might think about converting soon but it seems like a lot of work lol.

  245. Lyndon says:

    Thanks for the reply Bob! Now I know what to change.

  246. Bob says:

    Lyndon @ yes, you can. just make a small tweak on the css

    Alwin @ ur welcome. thanks for revisit

    khairul @ ur welcome. happy switching :)

    Jane @ thanks for using my Redline. Your blog looking great. i like it. ;)

  247. Jane says:

    Thanks so much for sharing your templates, Bob, I’m a new fan of your designs :-)

  248. khairul says:

    very nice theme.
    Thanks for the release.

  249. Alwin says:

    Okey Bob, This is great, I’ll use the latest version ;)

  250. Alwin says:

    Okey Bob, that’s great, I’ll use latest version ;p

  251. Lyndon says:

    I love the first version of this theme, but this one is even better! I find that it loads much quicker.

    I have a few things to do, but I think I’ll probably be making the switch to this version soon.

    One question though. Is it possible to change the header and make it a bit bigger. I’d like to add a custom image and the old one seemed to keep everything to one size.

  252. is it free software? I want to install copy on my server

    1. canl? sohbet says:

      is it free software? I want to install copy on my server


      1. is it free software? I want to install copy on my server


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