WordPress Theme – Corptheme


I take pleasure in presenting a brand new free WordPress theme for all my blog readers – Corptheme

This is a minimalistic theme which comes in four flavors – CorpBlue, CorpRed, CorpGreen & CorpBlack. I have made available all the four versions separately so that people can download the required color without the need of a CSS style switcher integrated into the theme. I have also integrated a drop down menu in this theme which will help you define your pages, sub-pages and sub-sub-pages easily. Now you don’t have to go hunting for this feature because it is not available in most free themes.

Here are some salient features of this new theme :-

1. Fully XHTML validated code
2. Four color schemes
3. Drop down for Pages and Sub Pages
4. Integrated drop downs for categories & archives
5. Separated Trackbacks and Comments
6. Stylized Comments
7. Professional Layout
8. Light Weighted (minimum images – icons only)

Download or test run all the versions from the following  links. All the feedback will be much appreciated.

CorpBlueTest Run | Download

CorpGreen - Test Run | Download

CorpRed - Test Run | Download

CorpBlackTest Run | Download

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147 comments on “WordPress Theme – Corptheme”

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  4. Punkabilly says:

    thank you Jai for sharing those wonderful themes.

  5. leona says:

    Great clean themes. Thanks for sharing. I think I’m going to use them for one of my niche sites.

  6. Andy says:

    Hi Jai. Thanks for sharing those themes. They are great clean themes. However I noticed that in Chrome, I’m having an issue, with the header and the search box. being partially covers by . The navigation bar is covering a part of the header. I’ll try to see if I can fix it from CSS. The rest of the browsers are just fine.
    Anybody else having this issue ?

  7. Andy says:

    Hi Jai. Thanks for sharing those themes. They are great clean themes. However I noticed that in chrome, I’m having an issue, with the header. The navigation bar is covering a part of the header. I’ll try to see if I can fix it from CSS. The rest of the browsers are just fine.
    Anybody else having this issue ?

  8. Andy says:

    Hi Jai. Thanks for sharing those themes. They are great clean themes. However I noticed that in chrome, I’m having an issue, with the header. The navigation bar is covering a part of the header. I’ll try to see if I can fix it from CSS. The rest of the browsers are hust fine.
    Anybody else having this issue ?

  9. Ill use this theme, thnaks :)

  10. Telecharger says:

    I like it.hope to see more in the future

  11. Telecharger says:

    March 23, 2008 at 6:24 pm
    I like it.hope to see more in the future



  14. Its quite ironic that I read an article on this subject just yesterday and it was completly different.

  15. Filmdvdrip says:

    Wow, I really like this theme, thx.

  16. telecharger says:

    I’m having an issue with changing the width of the header in the corp read, I need to fit more information into the hearder and can not seem to chaing the width, i’ve tried modifying the css style sheet with no luck. Any suggestions.

    Thanks for a great theme.

  17. Thx Sir, Now I’ve been using this theme for my blog….

  18. JC says:

    Corptheme renders wrong in Chrome. The top isnt set right and the nav bar is sitting in the header. Any chance you could fix this. I tested this out after installing the Blue version of the Corp theme.

    Thanks, JC

  19. ????? says:

    me a lots. There is 1 thing that I would like to check with you. Let’s say I want to make the hyperlink in t

  20. blogphones says:

    Good Template Sir.. Very clean & Adsense Ready Theme……
    Thx for the CorpBlue Theme……

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  23. Good work here.

    I just install corpgreen but i have just one problem. The posts on the front page are showing fully and I don’t want this. I want the posts on the front page to be summarized and end with “Read More”. Pls what should I do?

  24. Bratislav says:

    Can anyone please tell me how to change “Categories” text on top menu slider???
    I can not find it anywhere in templates php files. :(

  25. abeecdick says:

    thanks for free template :)

  26. Wow, I really like this theme, thx.

    1. Juma Hames says:

      Wow,I really like si theme, thx

  27. I’m having an issue with changing the width of the header in the corp read, I need to fit more information into the hearder and can not seem to chaing the width, i’ve tried modifying the css style sheet with no luck. Any suggestions.

    Thanks for a great theme.

  28. Alexis says:

    Hi Jai,

    Your themes look fantastic, I think I can stop looking elsewhere :)
    I have a problem – the ‘Home’ button didn’t appear on the menu automatically after I activated the CorpBlue theme.
    So I tried to add the page for ‘Home’ manually but I can’t link it to my homepage, it comes up as a separate page with the title ‘Home’ instead.
    Can you help please? Thanks!

  29. Blue says:

    Hi, how can I change the backgroud of the menu,especially the length of the dark blue ?

  30. Gabi says:

    @yves – have you uploaded your own logo onto the server and is it exact the same size??

  31. yves says:


    I’m trying to use my logo were the corpblue logo stands. I’ve tried changing the logo, changing the style.css, but the only thing that happens is that the corpblue logo disappears and reappears when I click on my site? How do I solve this?

  32. psinegre says:

    I use Corpthem (blue), it’ a very nice them.
    I have a troubble, for post I need that the more recent post in the top of the page. For the moment it is the older post which is at the top. How i can modify this ? (excuse my bad english).

  33. toni says:

    Beautiful template!

  34. bigbox says:

    Thank you.

  35. Do?um ?zle says:

    Thanks for templates. Güzeller gerçekten dermi?im.

  36. vao` tham boy tui nha nhung chang co dieu gi`hay dau nah!!1

  37. Courtsantos says:

    How do I change the color of the yellow box on the bottom of every post? It’s the box where the posted from information is displayed. Thanks

  38. Dagny says:

    I am running 2.6.1 version, is there a problem at this end?

  39. Dagny says:

    Hi Jai,

    I added the Black version of this theme on my blog but I am not able to add comments. Can you check it for me? After a lot of research I found a decent theme and I don’t want to let it go.:(

  40. Valerie says:

    Gabi, thanks for the response. However, I got frustrated and finally hired someone to take care of it for me. Since I’m not a coder, I didn’t want to mess up anything else.

  41. Thank you for your Work and Corptheme.

    Dr. Waelsch

  42. Volkan says:

    Thanks for template. I am using…

  43. Gabi says:

    @Valerie: You need to change the picture “logo.jpg” within your theme/images-folder. If cou can’t keep the size (maybe because your blog title is longer or you want to include a picture) you have to adjust the padding/marging values and sizes within style.css (#logo h1 a). Hope that helps…

  44. oscar says:

    Acabo de implantar este theme en mi blog :)

    Está muy bueno.


  45. venice says:

    @kpss cd:-

    This theme is nice and clean. However, a lot of questions have been raised here on customizing the logo to reflect the name of their blog. My question is how do I adjust the size of the logo within the header so I can make it bigger or more suited to the size of my title text?

    Hoping for your reply.

  46. kpss cd says:

    orange theme is very nice :)

  47. Gabi says:

    Beautiful theme, beautifully customizable… One question thourgh: How to I get the odd and even comments sections to show up? Even in the demo the odd and even sets look all the same….

  48. Valerie says:


    Forgot to ask you how to add a picture to the header. Thanks.

  49. Valerie says:

    Jai, after losing my old blog I moved to another host and decided to use this Corptheme template. I really like the template but cannot seem to get the name of my blog to show up in the header. I thougt I just had to type it into “Blog Title” on the settings page. What am I doing wrong?

    Thanks for your help.

  50. Bob Stevens says:

    Gotta have some way to get the WP stats plugin work. Else, this is a great theme.

  51. ovidiu says:

    hi, can you share some hints how to add this nice drop down menu to other of your themes as well?

  52. Mayur says:

    Jai, have you tried loading this theme from Windows Live Writer? There is something wrong with it.

  53. Nathaniel says:

    Never mind Jai, others found out some how or other, and I came out a roundabout way.

  54. Nathaniel says:

    A little question: how do you change the title from corpred to the name of your site so people know it is your site not a testrun?

  55. Nathaniel says:

    Thank you very much Jai for making this theme. I hope you do not mind me editing it a little to fit my needs. It goes perfectly with the interior design site I have.

  56. Website Blog says:

    I admire the minimalistic design approach of this theme. Thanks for sharing a free WordPress Theme.

  57. Worth says:

    I really like the Corpblue theme, but can’t figure out how tho change the name from “Corpblue” to my blog’s name in the header. What am I missing?


  58. no says:

    no no no no no no

  59. Alex says:

    thanks for the awesome theme, same problem as Gopal, how to replace the logo with blog name

  60. Carel Klein says:

    Hi there,

    Love the stuff you make… but there’s one minor issue. I can’t get any comments on sub-pages, which usually work on many other themes just not on the good ol’ Limeau Orange and CorpBlack.

    Anything I can do to fix this?

    Anyways, keep up the great work!

  61. Bas says:

    A solution for the WP Stats plugin would be very nice.

    I don’t want to switch to another theme, but without the WP Stats I might.

    @ Gopal: look in your theme folder. go to images. replace logo.jpg with your own logo (best idea is to make the logo in the same colour and size).

  62. Shawn S says:

    Great theme. I did notice one odd thing with the link to subscribing to comments for individual posts.

    I am running WordPress Mu 1.3.3 (equivalent of 2.2.3). The regular feed link works fine for subscribing to all site posts, but the comments feed for individual posts has an extra ‘/’ in the hyperlink.

    Ex: ‘’

    Obviously, this doesn’t work.

    I fixed mine by changing ‘/feed’ to ‘feed’ in index.php, line 20 in the theme.

    I believe it has to do w/ the way a person’s permalinks are setup. The default permalink structure has a trailing ‘/’ at the end on links.

    Just thought I’d bring it up as I didn’t see a mention of this in the comments.

  63. Gopal says:

    > hello ! i want to use this nice theme for my blog. How can i replace its ‘CorpBlue’ image at the header with my blog title??

  64. First of all, I love the theme. It’s what I’ve been looking for, however, I’m having difficulty with getting my WP stats to show up. Any suggestions? When offering suggestions please make sure it’s written for template dummies. Assume I know nothing and you’re assuming I know too much. Please….don’t write in Chinese, give me easy to understand instructions. Was that clear enough on how lost I am at this stuff? :-)

    love the template but need my stats
    Austin of Sundrip Journals

  65. Bas says:


    First of all, thanks for this theme. Loving it. I have two issues with it though. After setting up my WP 2.5 blog, I installed your theme and installed the Stats plug-in, but it does not seem to be registering anything. I looked at the FAQ of this plugin and it said the following:

    “What if the stats don’t start showing up? Do I need anything special in my theme?

    Yes, your theme must have a call to at the very bottom right before the tag.”

    Where exactly do I incorporate this? Or do you think my problem is of a different nature?

    ~ Bas

  66. Bas says:


    First of all, thanks for this theme. I love it.

  67. sirholio says:

    I installed this for my softball team site. Works great, thanks.

  68. Alex says:

    Sorry – the tag I’m having problems with is the ‘Nextpage’ tag…

  69. Alex says:

    Great theme! I have one problem with it, though – actually I want to find out if it’s the theme or something else…

    The tag doesn’t seem to work – for some reason it won’t break long posts into multiple changes. Has anyone else encountered this with this theme?

  70. Larry says:

    Try again…


    Search Results for “” »

  71. Larry says:


    Search Results for “” »]

  72. Larry says:

    Very nice set of templates with consistant quality throughout.

    Couple of questions/suggestions:

    Where do you add alt text for title image (logo.jpg)?

    For search results, to show a “Search results for…” heading:

    After the following line in search.php…

    Add the following…

    Search Results for “” »

    Thanks again for great themes with consistant standards.

  73. Joan says:

    Hi, I tried installing the corpred theme too, but strangely, my links are not showing up on the left side bar. Could you help please? Thanks plenty.

  74. Jai says:

    @MK: This is not a bug. Its done intentionally to bring the image on the header. Also, this keeps the SEO value intact because the search engine spiders go for the text.

  75. MK says:


    Looks like the stylesheet has a bug in the following line:
    #logo h1 {text-indent:-10000px;margin:0;padding:0;}

    This puts the title of the blog way over to the left so that it doesn’t show. This may have been intentional to show the image logo for “CorpColor” without overwriting it with the blog title.

    To fix it you can edit the style.css as shown:

    /**************** Header *********************/
    #logo {float:left;}
    #logo h1 a {text-indent:0px;margin:0;padding:0;font-size:33px;color:#ffffff;}
    #logo h1 a {display:block;background:url(images/logo.jpg) no-repeat left;width:187px;height:33px; }

  76. hibou says:

    Thanks for your theme.

    As susan.
    How put my name of blog in you theme ?

    Thanks for your reply.

    A french reader

  77. I’m a fan of the K2 to an extent but you know what? This is simply awesome!!!! Very much what I’ve been looking for.


  78. Great theme. So fresh and so clean…clean.

  79. rauli says:

    Hi there! Themes looks nice, but would it be easier for eg. wpmu-administrators to have one theme with 4 skins (selectable in theme options) than 4 separate themes?!

  80. abeku says:

    Thanks a lot. I will follow. I already install the wp2.5 It is awesome. Thanks bro

  81. chodirin says:

    can you create blogsome themes for free?

  82. Susan says:

    I have just downloaded Corp Red and like it very much. I am new to this. How do I change the header to reflect the title of my blog?



  83. Jai says:

    @Abeku: There are many tutorials available on the Internet which teach you how to upgrade wordpress. Here is a link :-

  84. abeku says:


    If you don mind is there any of your post explaining how to upgrade the wordpress, mine is 2.2.2. Do i have to back it up first?

  85. Lee Doyle says:

    @ Jai

    I just uploaded a new stylesheet and everything is the same. I will reinstall the theme but am looking for another way… If poss

  86. Jai says:

    @Lee Doyle: I think you have modified something in the stylesheet which is causing this. Try reinstalling the theme.

  87. Lee Doyle says:

    Hi, I am having a few issues with the comment area. The email box does not display correct. It is showing up in the wrong place.

    Any ideas on how to fix this? I do not believe I have edited anything… But may have. to check

  88. felix says:

    I like this blog, Jai has created the best wordpress themes ever… Thanks Jai, keep share…

  89. Booto says:

    I like it.hope to see more in the future

  90. Jai says:

    @abeku: Please upgrade your wordpress installation to the latest one.

  91. noobatron says:

    I really like your themes!
    Before i have used your Chronicles theme, considering i changed my blog topic, i needed a new theme and this one suits everything!

    tho i do think the font needs to be diffrent, but thats a matter of opinion and i can change it myself.

    Thanks so Much for this lovely theme!

  92. abeku says:

    I try to use the theme .. crop blue. But when i switch to it an error appear as below..

    /home/slrd/public_html/wp-content/themes/corpblue/index.php on line 23

    If you could assist me on this. Thank you

  93. Onur says:

    hola jai ,
    can convert your wordpress templates to blogger xml templates without deleting your link in footer?

  94. Shahed says:

    Hi Jai,

    Thanks for this nice theme! As i’m very new to CSS & Web design, i’m having trouble to change the width of deep backgroup color under menubar, so which codes i need to change to make the bar larger?


  95. Jai says:

    @jialat: You can go ahead and make them bold so that they stand out. Although they already are of different color.

  96. jialat says:

    Hi Jai,

    I like minimalist themes and I like this theme a lots. There is 1 thing that I would like to check with you. Let’s say I want to make the hyperlink in this theme more obvious, how can I do it? I notice that for those words with hyperlinks, they look exactly the same like normal words, so reader may not be able to notice the hyperlinks.


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