WordPress Theme – Merry Christmas

Please welcome the all new WordPress theme designed specially for the eve of Christmas! I am launching this theme at this time so that all you bloggers can tweak it according to your blog by the time Christmas arrives… It has some nifty cool effects for you to check out :) .. and don’t forget to check the upcoming New Year Theme!!

Wordpress Theme - Merry Christmas

I would really like you to DIGG this theme if you like it!

Test Run | Download

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214 comments on “WordPress Theme – Merry Christmas”

  1. thanks, your content is useful to me

  2. redsnow says:

    I don’t understand this article… You should check for more details

  3. I don’t understand this article… You should check for more details

  4. oh theme is amazing ! very hot :D thank you !

  5. zavera says:

    Superb Theme Indeed, great for christmas!

  6. This is very interesting, You are a very skilled blogger. I have joined your feed and look forward to seeking more of your magnificent post. Also, Ive shared your site in my social networks!

  7. Anna says:

    Thank you for sharing these wonderful wordpress themes. I was looking for a new theme to my blog about christmas and I think I will use of of these.

  8. Dvdrip says:

    Great! Your theme is really cool!
    thank you.

  9. Exist blogspot version of this and other your fantastic templates?

  10. A good theme indeed, thank you for taking out time to share this, more than likely to get back here for more.. you are brilliant!!
    Chris Harris

  11. Quang says:

    C?m ?n bài vi?t c?a b?n, nó th?t s? h?u ích cho nh?ng ng??i m?i nh? mình, trang web c?a b?n trong h?p d?n ghê

  12. Quang says:

    C?m ?n bài vi?t c?a b?n, nó th?t s? h?u ích cho nh?ng ng??i m?i nh? mình, trang web c?a b?n trong h?p d?n ghê

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  14. suzanne says:

    I like the stars and moon design at the top portion. Very adorable design. I love it! I’m going to use this theme. <3

    1. Icons says:

      Yes… adorable, you picked the exact right description there !

  15. Great! Your theme is really cool!
    thanks :)

  16. The stars indicates only night. One could not say that it is Christmas theme. You should add Christmas tree, Santa clause, gifts, balloons and toffees in it; which are the main indication of it.

  17. relevant dofollow blog says:

    great theme!
    check this tool to find relevant dofollow blog..

  18. yoyo says:

    nice design.. great work..

  19. ideafunction says:

    Thank You for theme wordpress

  20. ??? says:


  21. Atif says:

    Excellent WordPress theme to see here

  22. Joana says:

    Marry Cristmas & Happy New Years…
    Nice themes

  23. Joana says:

    Marry Cristmas & Happy New Years…
    Nice theme…:-)

  24. submitshop says:

    Merry Christmas to you from me and Happy New Year.

  25. J D Kline says:

    This is just what I was looking for! Awesome theme for what I am doing.
    Thank you very much!

  26. James Taylor says:

    Great theme, i am considering putting up a blog for Christmas Markets and think this could work fine for it. Will try this and see how it goes. Like the navigation and the snowflakes. Thanks for this :)

  27. Haber99 says:

    Good post. I really like it. Thanks…

  28. cemo says:

    Really good theme.

  29. Thanks very good theme ;)

  30. Anuj Kohli says:


    Really nice and helpful.

  31. TVman says:

    Neat! I like that very much.

  32. These are great themes. Going to use one of these for sure. Thanks.

  33. Joseph says:

    Sing… It is Christmas time. 12 days of Christmas.

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  35. Wptr says:

    good themes, thanks blogohblog…

  36. Jason says:

    Wow, that’s a really cool christmas template, I’m going to download it and try it out on by own blog. Thank you very much!

  37. This is nice theme , have good combination of colors, sepcially the stars. i wish to use it for my website but how can i use it ?

  38. Santa says:

    Great theme, I love the moon and stars.

  39. Hey there,

    Enjoyed your posts so thought I’d congratulate you on this fantastically informative Blog,

    Thank you!

  40. chris says:

    Very seasonal theme, will try it out on one of my christmas sites. Thanks.

  41. Hej says:

    Very nice themes .. good tips

  42. Pretty smooth looking theme you have there. The off green looks very compelling. I could see this one becoming a fairly popular Christmas theme.

  43. .*. .* *MERRY*CHRISTMAS!*


    .*. .* *HAPPY*New*Year 2009*


  44. joy antony says:


    wish you merry christmas and happy new year.

  45. jerrywen says:

    Thank You~
    It’s So Nice~

  46. Rahul says:

    This these is just awesome. I love it and hope to use it asap.

  47. moheb says:

    thxx it’s nice

  48. Andrew Bonar says:

    Great theme there.

    I have just released a couple of simple themes for wordpress, free of course. Its my first attempt and they are both based on the Gingerbread Man, typically festive and can be downloaded free at

  49. Andrew says:

    Wow thats pretty slick. I may use it for my blog.


  50. Aaron says:

    Very impressive theme. Thank you.

  51. you can also visit for good morning cards and music,font download for Christmas and also view videos and animated photos and send it to friends from

  52. Iam using the designdisease theme at the moment and have installed your theme at can we show a small excerpt on the homepage instead of 1 full article?

  53. Bogdan Radu says:

    Great theme, i use it , thanks !

  54. really good … you can also read stories and view photos of Christmas from

  55. That theme is awesome. I love how you have the snow falling. Bloggers are going to love it. I remember that in the early days of the Internet, there where a lot of webmasters that where experimenting with all sorts of cool effects with JavaScript. You don’t see that too much anymore, and I kind of miss it. Good Job.

  56. Anasohbet says:

    Very Nice. I think it’s one of your better themes

  57. Keith says:

    I hope everyone has the best Holiday!!!

  58. Nice blog indeed. hope for more download in this Marry Christmas festive mood. Wish you and your team a Happy Marry Christmas

  59. snapshot83 says:

    I don’t understand, can you help me please?

  60. Remove the following code from line 16 using Notepad ++ or your flavor of text editor:

    <!–<?php the_tags(‘Tags: ‘, ‘, ‘, ”); ?>–>

    Kind Regards,


  61. snapshot83 says:

    Exist blogspot version of this and other your fantastic templates?

  62. ciclismo says:

    good theme, very very nice

  63. rich says:

    nice themes .. gbu
    am using it for the christmas season! yeah

  64. igmuska says:

    great theme, using it in my wp blog but still haven’t uploaded any content…probably going to post some lorem ipsum to it when I get time

    Keep up dreaming up great designs, Jai!!!

  65. myy says:

    love it !! am using it for the christmas season!

  66. Jai says:

    @Awa: Try upgrading your wordpress installation to 2.3 and you will not see any error.

  67. Awa says:

    I am getting the same fatal error in line 16 of index as well…

  68. NSpeaks says:

    btw I am on 1024X768 resolution.

  69. NSpeaks says:

    Blue Box(containing unordered post and another test post in demo) gets pushed to the bottom.

  70. Jai says:

    @Nspeaks: Please tell me the discrepancy

  71. NSpeaks says:

    Please check your theme in IE 6. It breaks up a bit.

  72. Jai says:

    @Rickie : Please ask in the forums.

  73. Rickie says:

    I got a fatal error at index.php line 16. How do i solve it?

  74. Miha says:

    Another Cool theme..Well done ;)

  75. Massimo says:

    Great! Your theme is really cool!
    thank you.

  76. dinsan says:

    Is this one of those “next generation themes ?” :) good job !

    1. themes like this will always be seasonal at best, I can’t believe there isn’t a Christmas II blog theme..

      everybody likes sequels..

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