WordPress Theme – Portfolio Press

I’m glad to announce an all new WordPress theme from Blog Oh! Blog called Portfolio Press. This is a dark-colored theme suitable for anyone who wants to create a quick portfolio or wants to showcase his work through WordPress. The theme is fully CSS/XHTML validated, WordPress 2.6+ ready and comes with easy to modify code. The comments are nicely designed with Gravatar functionality.

The theme is very small in size (58Kb only) and loads very quickly. It is also SEO optimized and has been tested with Firefox, IE6, IE7 and Opera browsers.

How to install this theme?

  • You should have WordPress installed and ready either at your local host or on your paid hosting
  • Download the zip file for this theme. Extract the theme folder and upload it to /wp-content/themes/ in your WordPress installation.
  • Log in to your WordPress admin panel, go to the “design” section and click on “Portfolio Press” theme to apply it.
  • Check your blog for the theme change.

Demo & Download Portfolio Press

Test Run | Download

If you like the theme or want to leave feedback in general, please leave a comment. They are the inspiration that keeps me designing new themes for the community.

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169 Comments to “WordPress Theme – Portfolio Press” | Leave a Comment!

  1. thank you for share the post

  2. came says:

    It’s very straightforward to find out any topic on net as compared to books, as I found this paragraph at this website.

  3. This is a really good read I think, Have to admit that you actually are one of the right bloggers I ever saw.I appreciate placing this interesting article

  4. Khabarnaak says:

    Totally agree with your suggestion… Very Nice Post and good information here… Thanks for posting that….

  5. Jesse James says:

    Thanks for this, Really a great theme. I like this blog. I am willing to buy this theme. I just found lot of easy installation in this blog. Thanks admin…

  6. Jesse James says:

    Gorgeous theme! You’ve done great work. This is what I’ve been looking for, I need something like this for a simple portfolio. Good design, beautiful colours and simple enough. Looking forward to see your new releases in future!

  7. WordPress Theme – Portfolio Press I was recommended this web site by my cousin. I am not sure whether this post is written by him as no one else know such detailed about my trouble. You are incredible! Thanks! your article about WordPress Theme – Portfolio PressBest Regards Veronica

  8. It has many problems in IE8 so wt should i do ?
    Please Tell me !

    • I agree – I love this theme, but as of today (12 Dec 2012) I am having one issue with it in IE8 on WinXP – the issue being that all images on the individual pages have the correct width, but the height is the height of the image regardless, so it’s stretched vertically to be very tall!

      I have emailed the developer asking for some assistance, so hopefully it’ll be fixed soon :-)

  9. i ve no word to explain bt i wanna say to you that it’s very useful for me .
    Very Very Thanks For Sharing !

  10. Site web says:

    This will be useful someday.

  11. Nemanja says:

    Simple and smooth. Great theme for quick making of portfolio. Thanks!

  12. Very nice theme Jai. Search engine friendly + opens up quickly because of the small size. Perfect for portfolio sites.

  13. This is an excellent theme. Two thumbs up to the creators.

  14. Really a great theme. I like this blog. I am willing to buy this theme. I just found lot of easy installation in this blog. Thanks admin…

  15. Tin giao duc says:

    Thanks. It’s an awesome porfolio wordpress theme.

  16. very interesting templates, well done!

  17. I will try it on my travel blog, just wonder if it will suit so downloaded some themes

  18. IBCBET says:

    Graet Themes. It’s looks ok now on the site.

  19. lola pixie says:

    Does your website have a contact page? I’m having problems locating it but, I’d like to send you an email. I’ve got some recommendations for your blog you might be interested in hearing. Either way, great website and I look forward to seeing it grow over time.

  20. Thank for sharing.
    I installed it following your guides & currently, test it.


  21. nana says:

    Thank you for nice theme

  22. Seb says:

    Does any one know if you can change the colour of this theme?

  23. Scott J says:

    There is no “Design” option. Seriously, how do you get your image header off. The only place I found it was in the CSS file.

  24. bmorris says:

    few questions,
    1. how do i get the email and twitter icon to show/work?
    2. how can prevent the categories and archives from showing?
    3. is it possible to hide certain pages from showing on the left bar?

    love the theme so far

  25. brandon says:

    is it possible to have a shadowbox in the gallery instead of opening a new page?
    is it possible to have it open a video in the shadowbox from the gallery?
    thanks, looks awesome otherwise.

  26. Hi – none of the menu links are working! Any idea what is going on here:


  27. Rose says:

    That’s great theme. Before i used to use Portfolio theme of . It’s also good. Gonna share it for u. And i hope someone can introduce another theme for me. U can refer Portfolio at
    Thanks very much.

  28. Best them ever. I love the way the gallery embedded.

  29. Awesome theme, just love it, thanks :)

  30. John says:

    Tip Top theme – love it :)

  31. Cael says:

    Hey, Hoping someone can help me here. A little new to this whole web thing. But I was wanting to set up a wordpress with a gallery for my artwork. I have a basic wordpress account. But then not really sure where to go from there. This these says download and upload to the /wp-content/themes but no idea where that is. And wordpress seems to be saying it doesnt allow for the uploading of custom themes so im a little confused.
    Any help would be much appreciated.
    Cheers, cael

    • Adam P says:

      Where is your blog hosted at? If it is a free wordpress blog hosted at then you will either need to upgrade to a paid wordpress blog or setup hosting elsewhere.

  32. This should be awesome. What I like is the fact that, It is SEO optimized and has been tested with Firefox, IE6, IE7 and Opera browsers. I’ll do a demo.

  33. great list , some themes are really perfect ;)

  34. pee harford says:

    i like black so i try this themes on one of my blog i think its very clean and looks great.
    i also combine these themes with gzip-enable so more fast to view and google like it.

    Great Thanks

  35. Cool, looks really nice, the gallery and all. Checked in Chrome and everything worked, so you could add that to the list of tested browsers. Actually, this could easily go for a premium theme if the homepage was made to be more of a front page, rather than the list of posts.

  36. great list , some themes are really perfect

  37. Flavia says:


    thank you very much for the theme!

    I’m just having difficulties to configure the type of font and the size of the following texts: “home” “edit rss” “Just Another Blogger Template”

    Is there a way I can modify in the HTML Code the characteristics of this texts?


  38. Hello. Is there ever going to be a fix for this with IE8. I does not work well with IE8 at all. I use this theme for my portfoilo and would like to not look bad.

  39. Alex says:

    Great theme, I`m using it for my graphic design portfolio and it looks great .
    Had that problem with the picture`s width but resolved it after reading the comments here.
    Keep up the good work
    Alexandru Ghita

  40. L.C says:

    Hi, I am having an issue where there are two Home tabs showing. When i trash the ‘Home’ page, everything “looks” fine as long as I am logged in and viewing the home page. But when I log out and view the page as everyone else would see it, the text I have on the home page doesn’t show. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.


  41. Stephanie says:

    Great theme, thank you. I Have a quick question, do you have any white papers on this release? I need to understand how to set up a gallery. Right now all my images show up in posts but not as a gallery on the homepage so my visitors can’t easily view all of my work.

    Thank you,

  42. Brendan says:

    Hi. More-than-nice theme. Using this theme with the GRAND Flash Album Gallery is a great combo! ( Check out ).
    One question, how do I change the ‘portfolio press’ text?

  43. I like that theme! I am using it right now on my photo portfolio. :D

  44. Flowers says:

    Nice & cool theme

  45. av?a says:

    very nice template for wordpress. i will try it thank you

  46. Shahan says:

    I was looking for a theme which I could use to promote a photographer friend of mine and this theme seemed to fit the requirements perfectly.

    I have ammended it heavily and removed a lot of the blog elements from the theme so that it felt more like a natural web site.

    I would appreciate your feedback if possible, on anything on the site and the ammendments I have made.

    The site is not yet complete but overall design is more or less complete.

    Once again thank you.


  47. Uzi says:


    Hi Jai, thanks for that. I’ve fixed it now and it looks great.

    But as I continue to explore the possibilities of the template, i have run into another issue. Its better explained visually, so I’ll give you the stats here and am providing a link for you to check out so you can see what I mean. I have two questions:

    1. I am uploading an image which is 305 x 319 in size. I am uploading it so that it appears in full size- aligned left. However, as you can see from the latest entry on this link (htp://, when it shows up, it is scrunched. Can’t figure out why but did try all the permutations.

    the html coding for this picture upload looks like:

    2. It would also be great to know what the max size of an image can be (before the padding is applied) for it to remain within the column and not spread out.

    Thanks for the help Jai.

  48. Jai says:

    @Uzi:- Hi, The logo is an image. You should replace it with your own in the images folder of the theme.

  49. Uzi says:

    When I change the title of the blog in the settings section of my wordpress dashboard, the title on the page itself doesn’t change. But when I change the tagline, the tagline does change. I have been able to cusomize all aspects of the blog otherwise- but the portfolio press on the top left corner won’t change. Anyone else have this problem?

  50. Uzi says:

    First of all, waay cool theme. Thanks for it and thanks for sharing it.

    Second, and this is a terribly noob question.. but I can’t seem to figure it out.

    How in the world do I change the title of the blog in the template. Normally, this would happen through the wordpress dashboard under settings. That is where I changed the tagline from and that worked fine. But no matter how many times I try, the title of the blog is not changing when I change it from the settings. But the request is going through, because the next time I open the page in a new tab, the title of the blog in the tab is updated, but not on the page itself- it still says “Portfolio Press”

    please help!

  51. Andreas says:

    Thank you for this simple and clean looking theme!
    It works great for my photography blog.

  52. Hello,

    Thank you for nice theme, it really work for my blog.

    But I got some problem with the side bar, when the long title words over the side bar, the content area is get down to under sidebar.

    How can I fixed the Sidebar width?


  53. @Manojalpa:-

    Thanks Manoj. Your comment helped me as well. :)

  54. Manojalpa says:

    Figured it out – the alignleft and alignright properties have a fixed width assigned to them in the css. Either scale all images so that width is 100px or remove the property from the css.

  55. Manojalpa says:

    I’m also having issues with images stretching in a page, despite me giving them fixed width and height in the html code of the page. Anyone find a solution? I’m having issues viewing some of the past comments and would love a pointer.

  56. Rick says:

    Nice theme. Would be a good choice for writers wanting to showcase their work.

  57. Matt Demers says:

    Loved this theme. Keep it up.

  58. diziizle says:

    what a fantastic them, I am planning to use it for my most important blog.

  59. Rotha Hay says:

    how come we can’t leave comment on post?

  60. Haas says:

    I download and applied Portfolio Press for my blog, but I can’t log into it where the button for it.

  61. Daniel says:

    same, have u fixed it ?

  62. Christian says:


    I’m having a problem renaming the title of the blog. It won’t change when I attempt revise it in the general settings of the admin panel.

    Also, is there a way to change the color in the title so that it’s all dark grey instead of dray grey and lime green?

    Finally, is there a way to have the latest post not show up at the top of every page?

  63. Great !! I’ve been using another template for 1 year but I’m using Portfolio Press now

  64. billy says:

    is there supposed to be a .psd file to edit the logo?

  65. ravi says:

    Thanks to the comments, i’ve found the solution

  66. Vegazz says:

    Thanks to the comments, i’ve found the solution.

    I cant remember which page anymore, but it was between 10 and 20.

  67. Vegazz says:

    It isn’t looking like the example site here.

    Please, someone could help me?

  68. Kevin says:

    Hello. This is also my first wordpress attempt. I was about to give up, but your free theme gave me hope. I love the portfolio press and that is what I am trying to use. I have a few questions though… On the portfolio page, how did you line up the thumbnails so nicely? How to you get the image to open when you click on it with the before and after image thumbnails on the sides? Last question, I uploaded to ‘test’ images in the portfolio page to post them, and there is a tiny blue arrow next to the images… what is it and how do I get rid of it?

    Thanks in advance. You rock!

  69. Nico says:

    Hey Jai,
    thank you for this nice and clean work, im giving a try on my portfolio!

    take care

  70. Raúl says:


    I’m working for first time with wordpress. I’m testing in local the Portfolio Press Theme (I love this one) in order to migrate my flash portfolio to a wordpress portfolio.
    It’s all perfect but I have one problem. When I create or edit a post and I include an image aligned left or right the image is distorted because the width is shorter than it has to be. Has anyone any idea how to fix this?

    Thanks in advance

  71. shandyisme says:

    Thanks for share the template. I have found what i find. I want to make my own photo gallery on my site. Anyway, thanks.

  72. ebflute says:

    I found that 100px width was set for both align right and align left so I removed it, was there a reason it has to have a width? it looks ok now on the site.

  73. ebflute says:

    I am using your fabulous theme: portfolio press but can’t figure out why my images are looking squished when I apply a float left or right to them. I have included the link to my blog below so that you can see the problem. Where should I look in the css to correct this?

  74. vcbxcb says:


  75. Roscoe says:

    Being partial to dark themes, I am using PortfolioPress (only very slightly modified) on my website. Thanks for making it available and thanks for making such well-written code.

  76. Melissa says:

    I downloaded this theme and im using it, but it came without the Gallery stuff…

  77. Pet Snakes says:

    It’s great to see some unique content and a good quality blog for once, actually I would be very interested in doing a link exchange with you.

  78. Cymbiotica says:

    Hey I grabbed this theme because I love the color scheme. I am hoping to be able to modify it slihgtly, I havent read over everything here yet, so I will check before I do to make sure it’s kosher.

    Thanks for all the hard work.

  79. Neal.R says:

    I loved this theme, its so easy to change manipulate the way you want, one of the best coded I ave eve come across, I currently use it as my portfolio site.

  80. benouwa says:

    Perfect :)

    Maybe just a little less static will be better

  81. jacob says:

    @missmoss:- I figured it out…you have to go in and edit the HTML. the Portfolio Press that you see is a logo (gif) and you need to create one with whatever you want it to say. Now I am having troubles getting my Gallery to work…I can’t get the images to come up?

  82. missmoss says:

    I am having the same problem as Jacob re figuring out how to change the header from Portfolio Press . . . Any help much appreciated.

  83. jacob says:

    I know this sounds really dumb…but how do I change the Header from saying Portfolio Press ( I would like it to say my name?)

  84. Mike says:

    Just wanted to let you know that by default this theme under Safari4 on my mac rendered with Times in the places where Arial Bold was specified under the font family in the css. I changed it in four places to fix this issue. This problem did not exist under opera 9.64 on windows.
    Great theme by the way! Thanks!

  85. Kristyna says:

    How do you keep images from stretching?!

  86. Ohi says:


    That worked flawlessly, thank you so very much.

  87. Pete says:

    @Ohi:- Here is what I did to fix the Tag Cloud not keeping within the sidebar.

    In the style.css in the sidebar section I had to manually set the width of the sidebar. I set mine to 260px.
    I changed:
    #sidebar { text-align:right;}
    #sidebar { text-align:right; width: 260px; }

    That fixed the issue for me. Good luck

  88. Ohi says:

    I love this theme and wish to use it badly, but when the widgets overflow, they don’t wrap. This leads to the main portion of the blog to shift down to the bottom.

    IE: if your tags are very long, they don’t wrap and just continue going straight across and shifts the right side of the page to the bottom.

    Can anyone tell me how to fix this?

  89. Re comments not showing, it’s because the background and the text color are the same. Fix it by changing the text color to something else, like this (in style.css):

    #comment{width:98%;border:1px solid #1b1b1b;font:13px Tahoma;color:#000;font-weight:bold; background-color:#666666;}

  90. Jono says:

    @jsonv:- Yeah! Great theme but what gallery plugin did u use on the demo I would also love to know. Was it NEXTGEN gallery?

  91. jsonv says:

    hi, thanks for the great portfolio theme, just one question what the plugin you used in the gallery in your demo?

    thanks you very much!

  92. Mandy says:

    Hi, thanks for this great theme! I use it for a new site and the only thing I don´t get is how to change the text of the tag on the index and category page. Now it is “Click to continue reading “(Post title)” and I can’t find in any of the files of the theme where to change this text. Any idea?
    In the index.php z.B. I changed already the function the_content(‘Read more…’) but no changes. Tried the same with the_excerpt without success.
    Thank you for any help!!

  93. Urdu Sms says:

    Great………… thanks man………………………………………..

  94. Finally a multiuse theme…Useful!

  95. nick says:

    Awesome theme, I love it. I will be using it in the future. =)

  96. Dogo says:

    Hey, thankx!

    Awesome theme. Will play with it.


  97. rajkumar says:

    This theme I liked very much and I am about to down load and place it in my WordPress blog.

  98. Ron says:

    Disabled the comments in the settings. However, they are enabled.

  99. pretty damn cool theme – thanks a lot !

  100. just wanna say thanks to you becouse now I am use yours wordpress theme
    but i feel confused to use gallery page
    can you send to me simple tutorial to use it ?
    thanks for all

  101. Keith says:

    Thanks so much for this theme. I was able to get into it and customize it to meet my needs extremely well. Love the background and layout. Here’s my changes.

  102. Doyle says:

    Hi there, I’m currently using this theme and I love it but I was wondering if there is anyway to make the left sidebar static. I have a twitter widget which expands the sidebar depending on length of tweet and if this is too long it will push the main blog down to the bottom of the page


  103. Great theme.I am using it now.Thanls

  104. @Josh:- @Josh:- i love this theme and have it working on my blog ( Works fine in safari but breaks in FF3. Can anyone help please?

  105. Cesar Noel says:

    Great theme, it’s best used for portfolio sites

  106. Matt says:


    I’m also having trouble with the comments, they are not shown either :(


  107. Matt says:

    Thanks for this excellent theme I’ve already applied it to my blog. Is there any chance you could let me know what font you used for the logo?



  108. Andrew Odri says:

    This is a great looking theme, thanks for making it available.

  109. Jenny says:

    great theme. ima use it on my blog. ;) thanks.

  110. saifulrizan says:

    How to remove the sticky post? Everytime I clicked on the Previous Entries, the current post keep showing up on top of the page.

  111. Katya says:

    I will try it on my travel blog, just wonder if it will suit so downloaded some themes

  112. I’ve just tested it: This theme works great with the WordPress SmoothGallery plugin.

    @Valdecir: I guess some other plugin is causing problems.

  113. Hi there! This is a really nice theme and I want to use it in my new website! Everything seems to be ok, but as far I try to use the WordPress SmoothGallery plugin ( it does not work on Firefox. In IE and Google Chrome it works smooth! The plugin developer says something about a incompatibility with the jquery, but I could not manage to find it in your theme. Could you pls help me on that?
    Thanks and regards,

    São Paulo – Brazil

  114. Bagi says:

    Cooooooooll Theme


  115. Olivier says:


    The function ” Reply ” for comments does not work.
    And the sentence ” your comment is in wait of validation ” either.

    Please tell me how to make….

    Best regards,


  116. Olivier says:

    Again me,

    I’m problem… :)
    When I sets up the Widgets of Tags, they do not return to the line and it moves me the design, articles cross(spend) it dessous.pouvez to help me to you ?

    Sorry for my english…


  117. Olivier says:

    Congratulation for this theme et great thanks ! I love… :)

  118. Poputech says:

    hi guys, i am using this template… can anybody tell me how to make the text links in posts color neon green? i want to highlight the links.

  119. look great, thx for design

  120. B says:

    Great theme. no big deal but, it’s missing a style for the image captions and also, the tag widget text smooshes right up against the table layout. easy css fixes, but might be good to include in an update. Theme is so sexy.

  121. Kim says:

    I would kill for a lighter version of this – white with grey accents…(that I didn’t have to switch myself)…haha – for my district – for student portfolios. The black is beautiful but hard for some of our teachers to read on…any hopes of getting a companion theme in lighter colors? Pretty please?? Fabulous site!

  122. Love the small size and quick load

  123. Merc says:

    Something I noticed about this theme is when one first creates a post or page, the FIRST comment has the same rgb code for color as does back-groundcolor rending first time commenters unable to view what they’re typing. Apparently it doesn’t happen with subsequent comments and I haven’t checked in browsers other than IE. Another anomoly is the presence of the “NAME “ON”" in the Recent comments widget. I don’t know if this is a localized or wordpress doing (n00b).

  124. John Kolbert says:

    Make sure you dont’ have your pages widget in the sidebar. That’s what happened to me. As soon as I removed the widget that displays all the pages, it was fixed.

  125. phraensys says:

    i find this so cool, but when i applied it, the sidebar went on top of the content area, so instead of having them side by side, one is on top of the other. i already tried to change the width of sidebar and the content, it changed but still one is on top of the other. what should i do to place them side by side?

  126. Thanks Jai,
    The themes are really good. have downloaded a few but am commenting on the one i liked the best! keep up the great work that u do! :)

  127. ksns says:

    very interesting templates, well done!

  128. My current theme is Redoable Lite. Can I change it while the current image size is 640×480? How does it works especially for images? Any problem?

  129. Josh says:

    Really great looking theme. I may use it when I get sick of my current one.

  130. dark, clean, powerfull… a good theme

  131. Jim says:

    It has many problems in IE8

  132. izzat says:

    @John, you can fixed the sidebar width so the theme will not breaks. Try to change sidebar width in style.css as 250px and it will be fine.

    Hope this will help. :)

  133. John says:

    I noticed that when you add a sidebar widget (besides Meta, Categories, and Links) the theme breaks. Any ideas why it’s not liking the widgets?

  134. Paul says:

    Im having problems with links not showing up. If I change the theme on my blog, the links are there, but Portfolio Press doesn’t like them. Has anyone else experienced this?

  135. izzat says:

    thanks jai for providing such a great and easy to customize theme. Great!

  136. Johak says:

    Gorgeous theme! You’ve done great work. This is what I’ve been looking for, I need something like this for a simple portfolio. Good design, beautiful colours and simple enough. Looking forward to see your new releases in future!

  137. Stephan Glas says:

    Very very nice Theme! I use also your dailypress Theme and it works very nice!

  138. Danar says:

    Oh nice theme. What a pity there’s no adv space. Can I modify for that?

  139. ludo says:

    Very nice template.
    Is it possible to know what is the font used for the logo ?
    Or could you update the packge with the PSD files ?

    thank’s for all


  140. Harmony says:

    Hi Jai!

    I just love the look and feel of this theme! It’s beautiful!
    Thanks so much,

  141. blogger says:

    JAI thanks , I very like it.

  142. Good theme… I like black theme.
    see see my wordpress theme here:

  143. leeleaf says:

    nice !! i love it!!!

  144. Josh says:

    @John Kolbert:- This *might* be what you are seeing; if not, can we see an example.

    Firefox doesn’t display the vertical scroll bar when it isn’t needed, like IE does. So, when you shift between content with and without a scroll bar, it shifts. By adding “html {overflow-y: scroll;}” to the Stylesheet, it should make the vertical scroll bar stick.

  145. John Kolbert says:

    Hmm, looks like that’s not a good fix. Any ideas?

  146. John Kolbert says:

    The theme breaks in Opera 9.5 and FireFox 3.0 on Mac. The content body ends up sliding to the left underneath the left navigation menu. By adjusting the “width” of #wrapper to 1000px I was able to fix this. Otherwise it looks good.

  147. Andy says:

    Very nice theme Jai. Search engine friendly + opens up quickly because of the small size. Perfect for portfolio sites. I mean it goes well with the name you gave to this theme. Thanks for sharing your wonderful themes with the community.

  148. Ndrey says:

    Looks like firebug.. AMAZING!

  149. Justin says:

    nvm it works, my bad, i messed it up ^_^, awesome theme

  150. Justin says:

    Does not work in IE8 :-(

  151. Garcya says:

    Very nice / simple / clean theme.

  152. Phil says:

    Great theme but I have some problems with center and right aligned images.
    Center aligned images are displayed left aligned and right aligned images getting stretched weirdly (tested on IE7&FF3).

  153. says:

    Wow, great theme.

    It should be ported to Blogger :)

  154. rock says:

    Gee man! The way you pull out these themes are simply knocking me out. I think I like this one more then it look alike Firebug. And I must say thank you for the opportunity to use your theme Techicon on my site. Am learning a lot from just hanging out on your blog.
    I will definitely use it on one of my blogs.

  155. Brandon Cox says:

    I like it. Very smooth.

  156. Suzan says:

    Wow! I’m glad to be the first to post comment on your new achievement. I really loved it at first glance. It gives the site of a well-equipped website. Great work Bob. It is a wonderful theme.

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